An evolutionary look at email marketing would tell us that email hasn’t changed its form or function, but rather its face. It’s had to adapt in how it engages users due to an evolutionary shift in how we interact, communicate and use technology. And the next evolutionary leap for email marketing is already here with four rapidly adopted practices.

Creating Magazine-Inspired Layouts for Stunning Email Campaigns

You may have noticed that email newsletters are embracing a new sleek creative design that resembles an editorial layout in The Atlantic. The idea isn’t to as much about creative avant-garde design as much as it is to have email newsletter designs be more responsive to the various ways readers engage them. A sleek design means that whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, you’ve got a clear undisrupted view of the email campaign.

The avant-garde editorial-inspired design has a second function: it’s beautiful. It gets looked at, looked forward to, shared and acted on. Take a look at Need Supply Co’s newsletter campaign that features clothing for men.

Repurposing Pop-Up Boxes for Email Subscriptions

Pop-up boxes triggered when someone comes to your website have been wildly popular. It’s an instant way to get in front of your visitor and make it easy for them to subscribe. Psychology tells us that people will often also just do as they’re asked. Asking the average person to sign up for your newsletter directly, and giving them an easy no-fuss way to do it, means that the average person will sign up for your newsletter. Those rogue few hurrying through your site or who opted out the first time around, are now met with a second or even a third attempt. In addition to asking users to sign up at the front end, you can ask them as they exit the site. You can also customize what they’re signing up for. For example, someone may not want your newsletter but they’re going to want 10% off a sale price. They’ll sign up for that. And now you’ve captured one more subscriber whom you know is interested in purchasing from you.

Segmenting Subscriber Lists Based on Location

In order words: proximity marketing. This is another layered approach to segmenting customer lists, but it’s also based on Google’s own growing accommodation of location marketing. Targeting users in select areas allows for email marketing campaigns to be personal and unique to a user’s experience based on their region.

Featuring Videos to Encourage Engagement and Conversion

Unfortunately most companies still see video as that mutated gene; they’re not really sure why it’s there or what they’re suppose to do with it. But really, most of that hesitation comes from an unfamiliarity in just being yourself. Video doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production. It’s just a way to be yourself and share your brand as if you were there with your readers in-person, especially if you want them to buy any of your products. Inserting a video clip into your email is pretty simple too.