Email marketing is akin to a treasure hunt. You need to hunt for email addresses in the right places to get your hands on the ultimate treasure – a bigger email list! Here are some potential treasure spots for you to place your sign-up form:

1. Website Pages:

  • The most preferred location to put up a sign-up form is your homepage. Surely, people interested in your business will browse through your homepage.
  • Preferred locations also include your website sub-pages. Place your opt-in form on every page of your website. Don’t worry if you can’t fit the actual form on all your pages – placing a link that takes you to the sign-up form is good enough.
  • Lastly, place your sign-up forms on your website blogs. Keep in mind that all users do not subscribe to RSS feeds for blog information. Therefore, it’s a good idea to provide the sign-up form or a link to the form to build your email list.

2. Online Business Pages:

  • Hopefully, most online businesses include online purchases. In such cases you are bound to have purchase confirmation pages. When a purchase is confirmed, act immediately and ask purchasers if they’re interested in joining your email list.
  • Pop up windows are an excellent way to target online purchasers and general visitors. Your sign-up form can pop up automatically when a purchase is confirmed and when a visitor exits your site. However, remember such forms are applicable only to those customers who don’t use pop-up blockers.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns:

  • Include links to your sign-up forms in all your outbound emails
  • Place a sign-up form link, as well as a ‘Forward to a Friend’ link as a part of your email marketing campaign.
  • Place sign-up forms on your landing pages (reference and transactional) because it’s worthwhile taking a chance when you’re building your email list. Transactional landing pages are used to make purchases whereas reference landing pages only display relevant information. Placing sign-up forms on either will be beneficial.

4. Physical Locations

  • If you run an actual shop, place a sign-up book prominently on your counter for visitors to enter their email addresses.
  • If your business requires you to make appointments with your customers, ask them to enter their email addresses in a dedicated appointment book.
  • If you participate in trade shows, keep sign-up forms or a sign-up book with you to jot customers’ email addresses.