So you got a great idea for your email marketing campaign from my last post – but what about next week or the week after that? To really get an edge on your editorial calendar, it’ll help you immensely if you’re well read on the best email marketing articles. Luckily, I’ve rounded those up for you below:

Title: 5 Reasons Your Email Campaign is Hitting the “Junk” Folder

Key Takeaway: “Despite the challenges faced in meeting your email marketing click-open goals, there are steps you can take the rescue your email campaign from the “junk” folder. Talk to your email campaign provider to see why they feel you’re having this problem. Depending on the campaign platform, it could either that you’re sending mass emails or that your dealing with a new domain.”

Title: How to Create Customer Personas with Real Life Data

Key Takeaway: “Buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modeled) representations of who buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions.”

Title: How to Design Email for Smartwatches

Key Takeaway: “Smartwatches lack built-in browsers so most of the time they ignore your fancy HTML and CSS. This makes the plain text version of your email more essential and requires a compelling introductory message…Marketers know that the best way to reach customers is to message them wherever they are…”

Title: The Struggle is Real – Email Marketing Burnout

Key Takeaway: “When it comes to burnout, assess why you’re feeling that way. Is is that you’re uninspired and truly have no ideas (in which case you need to expose yourself to more industry conversations). Is it because you’re lacking personal investment and enthusiasm (in which case you need to bring something to the table and get invested). Or, do you just need to have a conversation with the client to really understand where the failure is occurring and how to move beyond it?”

Title: The 25 Principles That Power Our Company Blog

It’s about blogs but it could just as well be about email content.

Key Takeaway: “Writing often gets in the way of teaching. David Ogilvy once said that ‘The temptation to entertain instead of selling is contagious.’ Marketers often let flowery writing get in the way of their actual jobs. Hemingway should be your hero, not Faulkner–clarity reigns sovereign in the world of content.”

Title: The 4 Biggest Inbox Enemies in the Workplace

Even though this is about the workplace, it’s still a good idea to keep in mind the challenges your subscribers are dealing with as they’re bombarded with emails in the workplace that often take priority over any personal emails. If you can compete on this level, you’re that much more ahead of the game than your competitors.

Key Takeway: “Most emails from team members, could fit into any number of folders depending on current tasks or work priorities. Result? In addition to the time spent organizing messages into folders, we waste time figuring out which folder an email is in. Use your email client’s native search capabilities instead or use an intelligent and easy-to-use search tool.”