The email subject line. Friend or foe? Well, that depends on how you word it. I see hundreds of campaigns that have OK subjects but very few make me want to open up the email.

The fist thing I look for is who the sender is: if known or a person’s name, my eyes move to the subject line; if the sender is not known, delete, plain and simple. When I look at the subject, I will delete any mail that sounds like:

– A VIP deal waiting just for you!
– Someone is wanting to talk to you!
– Remember me?
– Do want to make more money?
– $aL3!!!!
(this screams spammer)
You have to put pertinent information in your subject that encompasses the email. For example:
– 50% off everything in the store!
– Your account needs updating.
– Take a look at our new product line!
– Our top ten products!
– New <blank>!

These are very generic, but whatever your specific industry is, you need to be expressive. Expressive, but not verbose.

This won’t guarantee that an email will be opened, but you will get a pair of eyes to glance over the subject line. And besides your sending domain name, it is the most important piece of information that the recipient can read.

Tell us what subject lines get the best result for you.