You’ve been planning your event for a full year and the time has now come to make those all-important travel arrangements when you discover to your chagrin that holding your convention in South Saddlesore, Wyoming might not have been such a great idea as the only way to fly there from any major city is to change planes three times. Instead of sentencing all your attendees to eternity in airport lounges and their luggage to similarly eternal limbo you can charter jet aircraft to whisk them in non-stop comfort to any airport anywhere. You’re not a zillionaire, you say? Surprisingly jet charters can be affordable… under the right circumstances.

Perfect for flying in J.Lo & her 150-strong entourage

If you have attendees for your event coming from all over the country and the world and you’re not holding the Annual Billionaire Bling Convention you can pretty well forget all about chartering a jet. The greatest economies in jet charters occur when you have a large number of people who have to get from one place to another without stopovers and aircraft changes. So if you’re bringing in an orchestra to your symphony, or getting a football team complete with coaching and support staff to the big game, or if you’ve hired J.Lo to sing at your conference and need to whisk her 150 strong entourage right to your door from her last concert in Guayaquil, Ecuador this is when you can truly leverage the economies of seat scale you’ll need to charter a jet aircraft affordably.

LA to Wyoming for $170 a seat

Jet charter quotes vary enormously so you are well advised to call up each and every single jet charter company on the planet to get the most competitive pricing. If you were setting up a one way flight between, say, Los Angeles and Wyoming you can expect to get quoted anywhere between $25,000 and $150,000 for exactly the same Boeing 737 class aircraft. While the higher price is completely outrageous price gouging, the lowest is actually a real bargain when you consider that it works out to less than $170 a seat. You’d be hard pressed to match that with any scheduled flight between LAX and Cheyenne, let alone directly to South Saddlesore.

Smart scheduling saves big bucks

You’ll also save a few bucks by selecting a smaller metro airport, so switching from LAX to Burbank which is less than 30 miles away, for example, should chop down the cost by a bit. You’ll also save money if you can turn around the return flight within a couple of hours but that will only work if Ms. Lopez has to just sing one song and fly back right away. In most cases your return will be several days after the arrival, so you’ll have to coordinate the schedule with your charter company. If the plane is required just across the border in Boulder, Colorado after it drops off your passengers in Wyoming you’ll pay a lot less than if the next scheduled pickup is in Boston. Empty aircraft cost as much to operate per mile as full ones so expect to pay through the nose to amortize the charter company’s loss.

Smaller private jets can cost half of scheduled first class

However, not all economical jet charters require hundreds of passengers. If you have a small group of executives, you can easily compete with first class scheduled airline pricing with a smaller jet. A Hawker 800 class private jet will seat 13 passengers and will cost you less than half as much to charter as a Boeing 737, bringing the Southern California to South Saddlesore price down to well under a thousand dollars a seat. Compare that to United Airlines who will get you to Cheyenne first class with a change in Denver to a turboprop while hitting you up for over two grand!

By carefully selecting the right aircraft and the best metro airports for your schedule you can offer the exclusivity and efficiency of nonstop jet charters to and from your event. You can impress your attendees and save money to boot!