When you launch yourself down a waterslide you’re counting on the management to have made your upcoming journey as smooth and frictionless as possible. You’re not expecting big seam bumps, dry spots, or sandpaper roughness that will bring your slide to a painful and abrupt stop. In the same way, the event marketer who is devising the strategy leading to ticket sales has to ensure that there is ample flow all the way down through meticulous implementation of these top ten tips to a smooth event funnel.

1.Know your audience. You have to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience, their demographics, their desires, and their expectations for your event. You have to place your event into a situation whereby you are offering a clear and unmistakable appeal so that there is no confusion in their minds as to what your event can do for them, whether its provision of entertainment, information, or business contacts.

2.Provide the solution. Once you have understood your audience and what they want, you now have to provide that critical resolution to their problems. What are you doing to offer the most relevant, compelling, and valuable solution through your event while you are relating to them in a way that is always personal, direct, available, friendly, and responsive?

3.How much does it cost. Some event producers specialize in creating ticket price structures which would confuse a quantum mathematician. Simplify your pricing by using the minimum possible number of stratifications. It’s a good rule of thumb to apply to ticket pricing that if you have more than three tiers it’s too complex.

4.Tell a friend. Sure your event is going to be wonderful but you still need to motivate your attendee to bring friends. Provide incentives which escalate with the more additional ticket sales they provide.

5.K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Silly is a keystone approach to smoothing the potential attendee’s way down the funnel. If you are befuddling them with illogical navigation, multiple clicks where one would suffice, complex checkout procedures, overly extensive pre-qualification, or other obstacles to a simple and utterly satisfying customer experience in attending your event you’re creating friction, not eliminating it!

6.State it, don’t insinuate it. Your customer has to be crystal clear at every single step along the way in your funnel as to what they’re getting themselves into. Will they get a double opt-in when they sign up for your email subscription to keep them abreast of the latest developments in your event’s lineup or other aspects of its presentation? What can they expect to pay for parking? How long will the queues be? What happens if the event is snowed out? Address everything!

7.Trust, trust & trust. If you don’t think that taking superhuman steps to protect your customers’ personal and financial data, ask the CEO of Target how much fun it’s been dealing with the theft of 110 million of their customers’ credit card data. Your funnel approach has to integrate a profound portrayal of trust and reliability. Your customer has likely already been burned and they’re looking to you to assure them that there is absolutely zero chance that it will happen through their funnel journey to buy your event’s ticket.

8.Test everything. Don’t hesitate to apply every possible form of analytics from user testing to heat maps to identify areas where you can improve your approach. Rank all the actions taken by customers through the funnel and evaluate how you stack up against your competitors’ event offerings.

9.Understand the statistics. We all want a 100% increase in ticket sale conversions but that may not be fully realistic. Comprehension of your baseline metrics will allow you to calculate an accurate variance which will show you whether you’re making progress or regressing without irritating your audience.

10.Encourage repeat experiences. Has every experience your audience had through the funnel totally satisfying so that they want to attend your next event? If not… fix it!

Integrating these ten tips into your event funnel will help your audience slide happily all the way to the ticket buy!