There is no American brand more closely associated with a holiday than Macy is with Thanksgiving through its magnificent parade. This New York City tradition which has spanned nearly a century has become synonymous with Turkey Day from its early days when it was known as the Christmas parade. Although your brand may not have the financial capabilities of the legendary department store, you can associate yourself with Thanksgiving through creating memorable events of your own!

For Local Brands

  1. Bake-off. Hold a bake-off where your customers can bring in their favorite home baked goodies and a panel of learned judges will determine the Thanksgiving bake-off King or Queen. Your customers will associate the tasty morsels with your brand.
  2. Thanksgiving skit. Present a holiday skit in a public place, preferably one that varies from the traditional elementary school assembly retellings of Plymouth Rock. Provide entertaining insight into the holiday while embedding your brand into the presentation.
  3. Food drive. Arranging a food drive to provide extra help to your local over-stretched food banks can pay dividends in how your customers see your brand. Encourage your customers to bring in non-perishable food items and gain discount coupons or tickets to VIP events.
  4. Best decorated front door. Create a contest to award the best decorated household front door or patio for Thanksgiving in your town. You can have your customers vote on their smartphones or directly at your brick-and-mortar location, with the winning family being rewarded a special autumn-themed package of your products.
  5. Black Friday breakfast. If your bricks-and-mortar store is not engaged in the Black Friday frenzy, why not set up a super-early breakfast buffet for shoppers headed for those freezing cold line-ups outside the big box stores? You’ll fill empty tummies and gain endless goodwill… and that’s what the holiday season is all about!
  6. Black Friday Survival Kit. Don’t just stop at breakfast when you can provide a complete Black Friday Survival Kit to shoppers, which can include energy bars, caffeinated canned drinks, foam shoe inserts for comfort while running around stores all day… and anything else you can think of!

For National Brands

  1. Wall Of Thanks. Set up your website so that there is a special page where your customers can “pin” images which best illustrate what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving (make sure that it’s pre-moderated so that it stays clean and family-friendly).
  2. Children’s cut-out patterns. Create a set of unique patterns that your customers’ children can print and then use to cut out Thanksgiving symbols and even headdresses from colored card stock. Focusing on providing items of interest to your customers’ kids will emboss your brand’s image in their heads right through the entire holiday season.
  3. Turkey Day recipe video. If you’ve got the budget for it, why not hire a professional, or better yet, nationally-renowned chef to create a video where they cook up some remarkable and innovative twists on the traditional Turkey Day dinner?
  4. Matching charitable contributions. Again, this is budget-related, but if you have the finacial capabilities, inform your customers that you will match, dollar for dollar, any cash contributions that they make to your choice of children’s or homeless’ charities to make everyone’s holiday season better.
  5. Sponsor a military care package. Promoting to your customers that for every purchase over X dollars you will send a Thanksgiving care package to a deserving member of our military serving overseas will not only boost your holiday sales but will demonstrate your brand’s thanks to our valiant men and women who serve our nation.
  6. Feed a child. Did you know that you can feed a starving child in a Third World nation for a full month for less than the cost of a small frozen turkey? Applying the same criterion as the military care package you can sponsor a child to ensure that they have enough to eat not just on Thanksgiving but every day.                                                                                                                                            Use your imagination and focus in on the values of Thanksgiving to come up with marketing events worthy of a Macy’s!