YouTube is an amazingly powerful online marketing video but it is often underused or misused by brands, resulting in unsatisfactory results. YouTube can be a real game-changer for your brand but only if you use it effectively. You can differentiate yourself from the YouTube amateurs by using these top twelve pro tips!
1. Work together with marketing initiatives – Videos are nothing more than an asset in your marketing arsenal. The content you upload on YouTube should reflect your company’s marketing goals, supporting the message it tries to spread. Successful marketers create videos even for smaller local audiences.

2. Get people interested fast – People watch videos on YouTube differently than watching TV. They can turn your video off within a single click and will not hesitate to do so if you do not grab their attention within the first few seconds of the video. Research – There are a lot of brands that have had huge success with marketing campaigns on YouTube. See what brands are the most successful and watch some of their videos that have a big number of views or very good ratings. Try to discover the secrets to success and replicate them in your videos.

3. Stay with one channel – A common mistake that brands commit is splitting their content across multiple channels. Although it does sound tempting for multiple products, it’s not how the pro marketers play the game. People do not like searching multiple channels for your products nor do they like having five different subscriptions just for you. You can leverage the grouping of videos into playlists in order to organize your content.

4. Inform the bloggers – YouTube succeeded over other video sharing websites thanks to the ease of sharing and embedding. Find bloggers that write about and cover your industry and let them know about your latest video, encouraging them to post about it.

5. Make interactive videos – YouTube’s annotation system gives you a lot of space for your creativity. Give the viewers a personalized video, allowing them to make the determination of exactly what happens next. This is easily achievable through having clickable areas within the video which will direct them to other videos that feature the story exactly as they chose it to develop.

Outro maker from various online graphic tools gives you an option to design an attractive outro for your videos. You have an option to choose a template, just customize it with your text & you are good to go.

6. Branding – Unless you have forbidden embedding, your videos will most likely end up displayed on a wide array of websites other than YouTube. Make sure the viewers watching it from anywhere else are aware of you by including branding in the video as well as the file’s title.

7. Inspire engagement – With online videos you are practically entering into a one on one conversation with your entire customer base. Extend that conversation onto social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to get some more exposure for your YouTube channel.

8. Watch the statistics – YouTube offers an amazing array of free analytical tools for everyone. Not studying and using them is wasting valuable resources and information. Discover where your viewers are from and what directs them to your videos. See when they turn your videos off and try to discover what drives them away in order to improve for your next videos.

9. Optimize for search engines – According to YouTube’s statistics, 100 hours of video are being uploaded every single minute. That is a huge amount of content which makes it very difficult for you to stand out and for people to get to your video. Do a bit of research on keywords and find the best one for your video, then include it everywhere.

10. Plan your approach – Not all videos are same. You can try to be funny, you can try to be formal or informative. Think of an interesting way to present your product such that your customers will want to watch it.

11. Engage with others – YouTube allows for video responses to various other videos. Find other videos in your business area or with similar topics and create responses to them that could give more exposure to your channel and product.

Now that you are firmly in the pro ranks of the top YouTubers… keep on YouTubin’!