Just because your event is over doesn’t mean you can just walk away from it! You should follow these top fifteen ways to excel at post-event activities which will solidify your reputation as an event producer and provide a strong lead-in to your next event!
1. Solicit feedback – While the event is still fresh in the minds of both presenters and the audience, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback on every aspect of your event so that you can quickly resolve any outstanding issues and leave everyone with a positive impression.

2. Keep on PRing – Just because your event is over doesn’t mean it’s the end of your public and press relations activities. Creating a brief account or article and submitting it with event photos to both print and online press can be newsworthy and promote your future events.

3. Record a Q&A – During the event you can record a specific session which is targeted towards answering the key summarizing questions raised during the presentations. Place it on your website to extend the post-event online conversation.

4. Also ask your presenters to summarize – Encouraging your presenters to write a blog post about their experiences at your event will not only generate additional content that could attract visitors to your future events, but it will also be beneficial for your SEO and social media strategies.

5. Leverage your contest prizes – No matter what you’re giving away as an award, how small or big it is, get the most leverage from it by widely publicizing the prize and the winner. This will provide you with a superlative opportunity to share a photo of the contest winner with their prize.

6. Disseminate the images – Whatever photography you’ve had taken at your event, make sure to share as much of it as you can on social media, mentioning and tagging people that are on it.

7. Create an image gallery – While you’re at the process of image dissemination, create a gallery of all the interesting moments that happened at your event. Feature the gallery on your website in order to bring in more traffic.

8. Provide the presentations online – For those that missed out the event or even the attendees that would like to remind themselves, make summaries of the presentations that would be available on your event site.

9. Post a contact list – Creating a list of all sponsors, speakers and attendees to post on your social media presences or website will create the perfect place for people to get in contact with others that they’ve met at the event.

10. Start pre-selling your next one – It is a key characteristic of professional event producers in that they start promoting their next even just as their current one comes to a close. Offer early bird discounts to get those tickets moving!

11. Thank through tweets – Write thank you tweets, mentioning everyone that helped make this event possible including speakers and sponsors. You can also thank the attendees for coming, but make sure you do not overdo it by thanking everyone individually or you’ll TwitterOD.

12. Keep listening – Listen in to the social networks after the event, as usually the discussion will be alive for a few more days through blog posts, tweets and mentions. Join in the conversation and share the impressions of your visitors.

13. Don’t forget to poll – It is imperative to conduct surveys at the end of your event, asking your visitors how much they liked it and obtaining critical feedback that could prove useful for your future events.

14. Conduct a post-mortem – Hopefully your event didn’t die and the post-mortem will be focused on what you did well and what you can improve upon next time!

15. Celebrate – Producing an event can be a long and arduous journey, so why not gather your key personnel together and show them how much you appreciate their hard work by throwing them a really fun party?

Keep the memory of your event alive in the minds of your presenters and your audience and you’ll find that your following events will be more successful, engaging, and profitable!