In case you hadn’t noticed it’s a competitive world out there, so you need to use every possible strategy you possibly can to keep your brand in the forefront and thriving. It’s not enough to be a “fair to middling” email marketer as in order to provide your brand the greatest possible advantage in the crowded competitive environment you need to aspire to the status of the true professional virtuoso. These top five master tips can help you separate yourself from the crowd and achieve the success your entire email marketing campaign really deserves.
1. Socialize the checkout – Your brand is just like so many others which place a massive amount of effort into their social presence marketing, building ample fan bases on Facebook and obtaining numerous followers on Twitter… so why not put those impressive numbers to use towards your bottom line? The lifeblood of any brand is sales, therefore your goal is to gently prod these visitors off of your fan page and onto other forms of more sales-focused communications so that they will proceed to checkout. Don’t be like the brands that are supremely successful in triggering and maintaining social conversations but fail to close the deal. Conversation doesn’t keep you in business, cash does.

2. Segmentation is your mantra – Promotional emails that are personalized according to each user’s unique characteristics can have up to 40% higher open rates than the boilerplate ones. You can leverage the latest advancements in mobile technology to not only track every click that a user engages in on your website but where they were when they did it. With the entire spectrum of mobile-borne user data including past purchases, demographic info and geographical location, you can create complete profiles for each and every customer you have. Use these profiles in order to divide the customers into multiple categories which will receive suitably customized email content.

3. Welcome your subscribers – It is primarily during the registration or purchase process that your visitor is initially favorably inclined towards your brand. You can use this good will period to your advantage by asking them to subscribe to your email lists. You can do this either through the registration process, or even better, through a welcome email that can start your relationship off nicely and prepare it for the long run. When you are sending out a welcome missive, you are setting the tone for the entire ongoing relationship, so start off on the right foot.

4. Don’t abandon the abandoned shopping carts – Recent research from the Baymard Institute proves that nearly 60% of all shopping carts are abandoned for a wide variety of reasons. If you could convince just one out of every six of those customers to continue to checkout you could immediately boost your total sales by 10%! Don’t let that golden opportunity slide through your brand’s “funnel fingers” once you have been oh so close to a checkout. Retarget these customers and help them, guiding them through to the completion of their purchases. Ask them why didn’t they finish the process or provide them with a special discount offer that will make them reconsider their decision one last time. The difference between your brand’s success and failure can turn on the abandonment (or lack thereof) of customers’ shopping carts!

5. Check your list health – Research shows that the typical email subscription list decays at the rate of 25% per year. The decay usually is due to users switching over to a new email address, or simply deciding to no longer read your missives. A periodic health check of the subscribers on your mailing list will ensure that you only send messages to the customers that actually are interested in not just receiving them, but reading them as well. Removing inactive users from your list will decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate through only targeting the truly interested users. And that’s what legitimate email marketing is all about.

Even some of the largest and most well-funded brands fail to implement all of these techniques so embrace them all to obtain a masterful competitive advantage.