Your next event is set for Hialeah FL, Laredo TX, or Santa Ana CA. You’re approaching it in pretty well the same way that you did Charleston WV, Bismarck, ND or La Crosse, WI, but you’re amazed by the fact that you’re not attracting flies to your business even ticket sales. You’ve researched everything you can except for the one critical factor which has evaded you in the determination of your audience in these cities: The Hispanic-American population! The first three cities have more than four out of every five residents boasting their Hispanic heritage while the last three have less than 1,500 Hispanic citizens combined! The Hispanic-American audience is critical to most business events produced in the United States so it’s high time that you take this key population into account.

1. Nationality is critical. There is no Hispanic audience per se. There is a Mexican, Salvadoran, Venezuelan, Cuban, etc. audience. These nations are very different from each other and the Hispanic-Americans who trace their heritage back to those countries vary significantly as well in countless cultural ways. Learn what will resonate with each national group and market your event accordingly.

2. Note the linguistic differences. A coche is a car to a Mexican and a pig to a Guatemalan. Therefore never assume that there is a one size fits all Spanish language and cater your linguistic usage to the particular national group that you’re targeting in your event marketing.

3. Revisit your economic assumptions. It is a false stereotype that Hispanic-Americans are generally engaged in low paying service jobs. You may be surprised to learn that the percentage of upper-middle class Hispanic-Americans is almost indistinguishable from the nation as a whole. Therefore don’t make the mistake of thinking that since you’re offering complimentary tacos you’re going to get a swarm of Hispanics showing up for a free meal, as they’re much more likely to be attracted by conventional value propositions.

4. Cater to Catholicism. While religious affiliation is swiftly becoming a non-issue among American audiences as churches empty and people avoid discussion of their religion to avoid controversy, the vast majority of the Hispanic-American audience is still fiercely and proudly Roman Catholic. Therefore if you’re making the previous mistake of complimentary tacos and you’re offering them in a Friday during Lent, you’d better make sure that they’re vegetarian or fish, as observant Catholics can’t eat meat then.

5. Embrace mobile. Hispanic-Americans tend to have leapfrogged the home desktop computer wired broadband paradigm and jumped directly into mobile internet access. They tend to be ravenous consumers of mobile content and this factor leads into a realization that your event promotion should be optimized not only for mobile device access but for one with a Hispanic approach. Don’t be like the 78 percent of companies who according to a recent Orci survey have never used mobile to target the Hispanic audience.

6. Write, don’t translate. Even the best professional translators can’t readily capture the difference in what constitutes proper promotional copy for the Hispanic audience if they are starting from English language copy, no matter how well vetted it may be. The cultural approach to the Hispanic audience varies considerably from the Anglo-Saxon variety, so strive to make your marketing message resonate correctly with each of these disparate audience categories.

7. Make the event fully bilingual. Only a foolish event promoter creates an entire marketing campaign to drive a Hispanic audience to an event which once they’re inside is conducted 100% in English. It is absolutely imperative to carry through with your Hispanic commitment in every stage of your event, from the bilingual capabilities of the staff all the way to programs, signage, and every aspect of the presentations.

If you needed any more convincing of the power of the Hispanic audience check out these factoids:

  • The total purchasing power of Hispanic-Americans is over $1.5 trillion
  • There are over 52 million Hispanics in the USA and will exceed 132 million by 2050
  • Ad spend growth rate is 20.7% for Hispanics vs. 1.7% for the non-Hispanic market

That’s why Hispanic marketing should be your Numero Uno!