When you look around at the other parents keeping an eye on their children at the Easter Day Egg Hunt, you won’t necessarily know which ones attended Christian Mass that morning, and which ones did not because they’re Jewish, Confucianists, Jainists, or even outright Atheists. Simply because your belief system does or does not center on Christianity does not have any effect on how the trappings of Easter are celebrated. Just like Christmas, Easter has become an universal festival in North America and the ability of integrating the features of this celebration into your email marketing will have a powerful impact on your second quarter bottom line.

These top five suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg as you can let your imagination run wild and come up with the perfect Easter promotion that achieves your brand’s specific marketing goals:

    1. Easter Basket. Create an Easter basket of some of your popular smaller goods and mix them up with chocolate Easter eggs or other goodies which appeal to children. If your brand deals with products that are too large or expensive, or has no products but provides services, you can place discount vouchers, sweepstakes entries and special event tickets into your Easter basket. Promote this basket concept extensively with your email subscribers and you’ll be amazed at how many take you up on it.
    2. Easter Egg Hunt. Everybody loves Easter Egg Hunts, so why not create one that is targeted at the adults which are your prime audience? Since most brands have their customers spread all over the continent and beyond it’s not going to be practical to just hide some eggs with coupons in them all over Manhattan’s Central Park or L.A.’s Griffith Park. Instead why not create an online version of the Egg Hunt that your email customers can follow: Perhaps you can provide hints as to “secret” webpages which hold particular codes, or ask them to send emails to particular addresses to get the clues.
    3. Media Easter Eggs. A very popular aspect of most movie DVDs is “Easter Eggs” which aren’t eggs at all but actually “hidden content” that the viewer can unlock by clicking at a particular unmarked spot on the menu or getting through a particular level of commentary or even online game. You can take a page from Hollywood’s book and create various “hidden content” right on your email template. You have to provide your subscribers with a heads-up that the content is there, but stop short of telling them exactly what to click and what they’ll get in return… as not knowing exactly what’s going to happen or how to access it is half the fun!
    4. Easter marks Spring’s arrival. Especially this year when the eastern two thirds of the continent have suffered through the worst winter in living memory, Spring’s arrival is anticipated with considerable vigor by many of your email subscribers. Mark this time of renewal and rebirth with the launch of a new initiative, product line or service offering which will demonstrate to your email customers that you are a forward thinking brand which is not afraid to shake things up through exciting innovation.
    5. Have a good laugh with Easter’s symbols. Unlike almost any other holiday, Easter is marked with a wealth of symbols from the animal world which are ripe for humorous skewering. When was the last time you saw a rabbit collecting eggs… wouldn’t they rather grab some carrots? You can derive considerable comedic value from skewering some of the traditional symbols in ways that are relevant to your brand. How about creating an email header which shows the eggs in the basket marked with the logos of the primary participants in your market segment but they’re all broken and leaking while yours is intact, whole, and sitting on top of the pile?

No matter what your brand is and what marketing campaign strategies you’re accustomed to utilizing you can always derive valuable benefits in appealing to your email subscribers’ celebration of Easter, whether it’s through devout church attendance or just taking the kids out to find eggs under bushes!