Now that Benchmark Email has aligned itself with the power of Litmus, email marketers can take advantage of many of its powerful features including the data provided by its superlative Litmus Email Analytics system. The report for the month of August, 2013 is a real eye opener as it tracked over a quarter-Billion (with a B) email opens and determined the top ten clients where these opens took place. Since the environment where your email is opened can have a powerful impact on how it is received (and how those all-important click-throughs occur… or not) this Litmus data can be invaluable in a determination of how to conduct your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Apple iPhone. The iPhone greedily gobbles up nearly a quarter of all opens, and this is especially significant when you consider that in this top ten listing the very closely related iPad is categorized separately and comes in at number three. Fully 24.06% of all opens occurred on the iPhone which is up from 21.38% just a year ago and has increased by a full 1.05% in just the last month. So if you still think that Applephiles are this fringe group that you really don’t have to worry about, check these numbers and add them to the number three and number five entries for a real shock.
  2. Outlook. The golden oldie is still a standard for business users but it’s starting to show its age. Even though it can boast a 17.49% share of the opens that’s down 1.33% in just the last month! Should that rate continue unabated for the next year nobody but current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be using it by then, wherever he may be enjoying his well-overdue retirement at that time.
  3. Apple iPad. The omnipresent tablet has managed to take third place with 12.11% which is up about a quarter from the 9.89% of just a year ago. Apple’s tablet market is widely expected to continue its meteoric growth so be prepared for even larger open shares in the near future.
  4. Google Android. This fourth place ranking at a “mere” 9.37% is extremely surprising when you consider that the latest statistical sales figures show that Android currently commands 51.5% of the market while the iPhone has just 42.5%. Pulling out the old calculator shows that an email received on an iPhone is thus 3.11 times more likely to be opened than one that lands in an Android smartphone inbox! 3.11 times is definitely worth repeating but when you factor in the aspect that Android tablets are wrapped into this statistic the numbers are even more stunning as the difference becomes a jaw-dropping 3.47 times! This conclusion is nothing short of staggering, and yes, I did the math several times in order to convince myself that it was accurate. Is it that Android users are adverse to email or that iPhone users are dyed in the wool email lovers?
  5. Apple Mail. As if Apple wasn’t already blessed enough with being the Nirvana of email opens, here’s another 8.16% you can rack up to the nice folks in Cupertino. When you add up all three of the primary Fruit Company ways of getting emails you discover that 36.17% of all opens occur in the shade of that ol’ Apple tree. That is an email open domination which is worthy of legendary status.

Bringing up the rear are the more staid email clients such as which everyone still refers to as Hotmail at 6.67% and dropping, Yahoo! Mail at 6.51% and surprisingly rising (perhaps that new logo is actually doing something good), Gmail at 3.38%, down from 4.67% last year, Windows Live Mail at 2.95% which is down 0.35% just from last month, while at the caboose position is Windows Mail at 1.78% and which is not surprising given that most people don’t know that Windows Mail still exists since it was a Vista feature and we all know how well-beloved that operating system is.

Even at a quick glance of these figures, the conclusion seems to be very clear: Go Apple, young email marketer, Go Apple.

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