Some parts of the country may still be basking in sunshine and smelling of SPF 30 but the calendar does not lie, Christmas is upon us. So even though you might still have the air conditioning on, join me in a rousing chorus of the twelve days of email marketing Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas: The gift of advance planning
Your holiday email marketing plans would best have been on the drawing board stages well before The Fourth Of July than now that we’re coming up fast on All Hallows. Planning ahead is critical to ensure a coherent strategy.
On the second day of Christmas: The gift of sequential strategy
Just about everyone increases their email frequency during the holidays (even if their Preference Centers tell them not to) and stacking them into the sequence of Tease, Announce, Last Chance should boost your metrics.
On the third day of Christmas: The gift of multiple Calls To Action
We all know that crafting a Call To Action is an art, but don’t limit yourself to one as many major retail marketers cram as many as three or more into a properly designed email.
On the fourth day of Christmas: The gift of emotional triggers
The holiday season can be a very emotional one for some of your customers so by focusing on the wonderful feelings of obtaining a great value or a cure for what ails their days can be a winning strategy.
On the fifth day of Christmas: The gift of microcontent
In the holidays, the art of writing phenomenal subject lines and preheaders becomes even more critical. Key your microcontent to the holidays to increasingly engage your customers.
On the sixth day of Christmas: The gift of analytics
Some of the best Christmas presents may be found deep within your charts and spreadsheets. Increase your analysis through the holidays to comprehend what your campaign is doing and why.
On the seventh day of Christmas: The gift of deal a day
Most of your customers have no idea what gifts to give so providing them with a countdown deal a day can get that Christmas light to suddenly turn on in their heads.
On the eighth day of Christmas: The gift of cross-channel
Engaging in a social media frenzy of posting, tweeting, and pinning is going to allow you to spread your marketing message far beyond your conventional and traditional niche to attract new customers.
On the ninth day of Christmas: The gift of testing
Your holiday customer may be quite different from the bread and butter one you attract the rest of the year so extensive testing through your holiday campaign (and prompt reaction) is necessary to any holiday email strategy.
On the tenth day of Christmas: The gift of segmentation
As you derive more data on the profile of your holiday customer, use that information to more efficiently segment your list specifically for the season. You might also find that come January your new holiday segmentation is better than your old year-long one!
On the eleventh day of Christmas: The gift of Plan B
The best laid plans of Christmas mice can be turned on their heads by some unexpected event whether it be in the news or in your industry. It’s not enough to freeze your email campaign plans in winter ice as you have to have backup plans to implement should either internal or external changes force it … or just to compensate for a Christmas cracker of a campaign that turned out to be a dud.
On the twelfth day of Christmas: The gift of a big bank account
Ample profits are the best way to say Merry Christmas, so you can go ho ho ho all the way to the bank!

There are some email marketers that derive the majority of their sales and profits from the holiday season, so apply these twelve gifts! Don’t dress up your same old campaign with a couple of new bows and expect to find lots of presents underneath your brand’s tree!