Vlogging is the hottest trend in current events videos, so if you’re not engaging your customers already in this extremely effective manner, are you waiting for your competitors to beat you to it?

  • Go up up up on the search results – SEO is a very big part of vlogging, which means you will have to do some keyword research prior to uploading your video. Once you have chosen your keyword, include it in the title, description as well as tags. Not only will this get you higher on the YouTube and Vimeo search results, it will also show you up on Google and other search engines.
  • Don’t go too formal – Imagine you’re talking to a really good friend. Try to set a friendly conversation tone and connect to your audience, establishing a friendly and healthy relationship. Relax and add a bit of humor to your videos (but don’t base your vlog completely around trying to be funny). These kind of relationships tend to last longer.
  • Be at least semi pro – Having a high definition vlog with well-audible audio will make sure your vlog easily stands out of the crowd of cheap webcam vloggers. No need to go fully professional, you can get something like the Nikon D3300 that is both affordable and will give you high quality High Def video.
  • Base your vlog on something specific – Even though you can just go all out and record vlogs talking about whatever you feel like that day, you will most likely have more success basing your vlog around a specific theme or niche, usually something you are passionate about. Decide what do you want to do with your vlog, pinpoint your audience and then try to cater to them.
  • Stay in tune with the current trends – See if you can predict the next hot trend or catch it as early as possible. You will need to be fully up-to-the-minute about all the goings on in your niche in order to know everything that’s happening and follow the most popular stories. If you are truly passionate about your subject, chances are you have already been doing that.

It is imperative to know your vlog audience and to make sure you look appealing to them enough to gain their trust. Establishing an emotional response with the viewer is a key. Here’s a way to do that:

  • Find what your target vlogging viewer is interested in. Use Google’s tools to find what your prospective audience is searching for
  • See what other brands are doing on YouTube and other major video sites and learn from them. Check out the leaderboards for the data you need on the heavy duty vlogging movers and shakers.
  • Have a set goal and know what your vlog is trying to achieve… don’t just vlog just because your competition is vlogging!

In order to ensure that your vlog is professional and effective, you must ensure that:

  • You have a dynamic introduction that buys your viewer in the first few seconds.
  • Invite people that follow you on other places to subscribe to you on your vlog
  • You have new content uploaded frequently to keep people coming back
  • Launch contests or giveaways that compel participants to subscribe to your vlog
  • You have consistent branding, featuring the same color schemes, fonts and logos to match your vlog across all videos as well as other marketing avenues.
  • Your vlog content is easily watchable on any mobile platform
  • Create educational and entertaining vlog content that is targeted correctly
  • Feature your most critical keywords in your vlog titles
  • Your vlog is in HD quality. Nobody wants to be able to count the pixels.
  • Have interviews with guests that attract new viewers
  • Make a good use of the annotation features on the major video sites
  • Stick to a schedule of posting vlogs with your fresh content
  • Try to engage a conversation in the comment section, asking the viewers for feedback and responses
  • You call the viewers to action, asking them to share, like or subscribe to your vlog
  • Create playlists featuring your most popular content

Now go out there and volley out some vlogs!