One of my earliest memories is of my younger years, laid out on my bedroom floor searching through piles of LEGOs for that one single part to finish my masterpiece. This memory is shortly followed by the agony of accidentally stepping on that same missing piece as I stomped around my room in frustration. Not one of my fondest of memories, I’ll admit, but one that I have deja vu with seemingly every day. Be it looking for that wrench I just had sitting on the engine, or a file I just downloaded from the internet.

Surprisingly, this is a common thread that I see for most accounts that have deliverability issues. Lack of organization may not be the root cause of all evil, but it’s definitely a piece in the puzzle. Here are a few examples of some of the things that you can change to improve your marketing efforts:

  • Create a system for naming campaigns that is easy to understand and follow.
  • Send your campaigns using a fairly regular pattern (bi-weekly, once a month, bi-monthly, etc.) Studies have shown that recipients like consistency and reliability.
  • Segment and name your lists based on the marketing data that is relevant to you. If your services are region-locked, consider creating a different list for each region and naming them accordingly.
  • Get rid of old/useless data by cleaning or deleting old lists.
    It may seem silly, but a little bit of effort now can pay off in huge later on, making it easier to discover patterns in your report data and giving you insight that you may not have seen before. More importantly, staying clean and organized is always more efficient, meaning that it’s cheaper and more effective.