Today’s sluggish economy is showing no mercy nor favoritism as it has taken a toll on individuals and organizations alike. Yet we’ve heard surprisingly less about plans to shore up the financial woes of the education sector than we have about who did or did not receive bail outs. So Benchmark Email decided to help, in the best way that we can. It matters to us and it matters to the future.

Our Way of Making a Difference

Understanding that the national educational system is in a financial rut, we here at Benchmark Email have decided to play our part by launching a new initiative aimed at helping children get the support they need. It all started with our PTA Sponsorship Program, which is designed to help PTAs, PTOs and PTSAs get the email tools and service they need to efficiently communicate without having to pay one red cent. We are now going beyond that by extending our powerful email platform to any not for profit organization involved in a cause aimed at helping our children – completely free!

All the Features of Our Award-Winning Software

Email marketing has a lot to offer a non-profit. It’s extremely economical, a great communicator and highly effective at creating the relationships it takes to keep your supporters engaged. If the central focus of your organization is paving a brighter future for the children of the world, then our expertise is at your service; technicians, customer service agents, user-friendly features and all. The We Care About Kids program gives you all the features our commercial customers gladly pay for. This includes our user-friendly text editor, robust reporting system and hundreds of customizable templates. Whether it’s testing for maximum effectiveness or integrating with Facebook and Twitter, we provide the type of sponsorship that covers all your email communication needs.

We Care About Kids

The economy has had a devastating effect on many families, and the kids often feel it just as hard as the parents. Some have to live with the constant worry of doing without the necessary school supplies, overcrowded classes, if they may have to relocate and lose contact with friends and other things no child should have to stress about. Then again, the U.S. economy and school system is a model of perfection compared to the impoverished conditions kids have to deal with in other countries. This is why we are lending our support to any honest organization who makes it their mission to help children – because they need all of our support.

Benchmark realizes that this is a small contribution compared to the numerous aid organizations out there, but this is our way of helping them, and helping you, reach out and connect with the world. We can be the tool you use to engage new hearts and minds.