When we had Nate and Jeremy Ginsburg on Heart of Business, the pair was living in Saigon enjoying the food, social life and culture of Vietnam. But by the time the time the podcast went live, the pair had taken off to South Africa, yet another stop in the incredible, exciting lives of two guys who decided that home is where the backpack is.

Welcome to the world of the Digital Nomads.

Nate is a marketing consultant who teaches people Pinterest, Twitter and entrepreneurship. Jeremy calls himself a “Culture Chameleon” and blogs about travel, plays music, and even does standup comedy. Together the pair not only see the world, they make a good living while doing it. It’s a dream for many of us, but they’ve shown us it’s possible.

After a lively podcast on everything from how Nate communicates with clients from halfway across the planet to how these guys choose where they’re going to go next. Here are three things we learned from the Ginsburgs about running a business while living abroad:

1. You won’t be sitting in front of a computer all day (unless you want to)

One of the biggest fears Jeremy had on living abroad was loneliness, and that he’d be sitting in front of a computer all day by himself. Instead, he found that wherever he goes, he finds a lively community of people to help him enjoy the local sights and culture. According to the pair, if you become a digital nomad, you will definitely use a computer for work, but you can easily spend your days and nights socializing and immersed in the world around you.

2. You will find loads of like-minded entrepreneurs

Thanks to world-shrinking of the Internet, entrepreneurialism can happen from almost anywhere. Heavily inspired by Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Work Week, Nate was able to take the plunge and run his consulting business abroad. In their travels, they’ve come across numerous entrepreneurs, building businesses and running startups from café tables. If you yearn for business inspiration among your peers when you join the expat life, you’ll find it almost anywhere you go.

3. Bring a plan or you’ll never make it

After meeting a man who was successfully traveling the world, running his business and using personal assistants for many of his tasks, Nate was ready to start his own venture and make a million dollars. The problem? Things were a bit harder than he thought. Nate ended up spending all his money, moving back home, and ramping up on social media and marketing before trying again. Once he had built up his clientele and crafted a plan, he was able to live his dream abroad without a constant fear of failure.

Now that they’ve perfected the art of living and working on the move, who knows where Nate and Jeremy will end up next? The pair lives by the motto “Have Wi-Fi will travel”, and we at Heart of Business look forward to their next stop on this beautiful blue marble we call earth.