When it comes to email marketing, your Call-To-Action (CTA) is extremely important. If you want a great response you need to ensure that your CTA has all the essential elements. It should be friendly and should reach out to people. It should successfully motivate readers to click your email and visit your website. If you feel you are not accomplishing these tasks, read on for some tips to improve your CTA.

Use clear communication

Tell your readers’ exactly what they are supposed to do. Tell them where to click and what they will get in return for clicking. Use short simple sentences to get your point across. Provide them with a deadline so that they know how quickly they should respond.

Place and link the CTA appropriately

The CTA should be placed above the fold, which means it should be positioned in the top 300 pixels of your email. Readers should not have to go through the entire email to discover the call-to-action. Make sure that your CTA is linked to the right landing page.

Make it stand out

Your CTA should be of a size that stands out so that readers notice it immediately. You can draw attention to it by using an attractive color that makes its mark on your email page. Be free with the color but at the same time use it wisely. Use a distinct font that can be easily read. Use effects like white space and shadowing to emphasize your CTA.

Boldface your CTA

You can use boldface to give your CTA that added punch. Don’t limit your boldface just to your CTA though. Use it to draw attention to other words and phrases that will ultimately lead your reader to the CTA. Boldface is very useful as it gets the attention of those people who scan information.

Provide alternate links to landing page

A CTA link is an absolute; however, you also need to provide alternate links that take readers’ to the home page. Link the domain names, product names and product choices mentioned in your email. This increases the chances of your readers’ accessing your website.

Be careful when using image CTA

When you use image CTA, watch out for image blocking, missing links and image maps. Sometimes your images get blocked by spam filters which will result in your CTA being blocked. Check your links to make sure they are not broken or missing. Avoid placing your CTA along with your image maps as these maps sometimes prevent readers’ from successfully clicking.

For effective and improved call-to-action keep these tips in mind! If you know any more tips do tell us about them! Good luck!