If you’re seeking to boost the results from your online advertising, apply these 15 supercharged tips!

  1. Retarget – Set up ads that follow your customer no matter where they navigate next on the internet. These types of ads offer your brand additional visibility on other platforms and provide the illusion that your ads are literally everywhere.
  2. Limit your audience – The first impulse of any noob marketer is to set the ads to display universally, but that tyro strategy unwaveringly results in tons of wasted clicks and little if any conversion. Filter out the clicks from irrelevant sources and restrict your ads to display exclusively to your brand’s target demographic.
  3. Personalize – As you gather more information about your customers, personalize your offerings to match their online behavior. Learn from the example of Amazon.com which generates an individually customized homepage with the products that they believe you’re looking for.
  4. Call to action – Even some of the most massive brands often run ads where the call to action is either so weak or totally non-existent that it leads you to question why they ran the ad in the first place. Make sure that the keystone of your ad is a big and bold “Find Out More” or “Get It Now.”
  5. Entire ad clickable – Another mistake many big brands make is to have only the box with the call to action clickable when instead the entire ad should be active. Especially in the mobile arena where large clumsy thumbs rather than pixel-specific mice are generally the input medium of choice, every pixel on your ad should be able to take a click.
  6. Accuracy = trust – There is no room in today’s online ad marketplace for hype and deception. Promote your offerings honestly and accurately and you’ll gain the trust of your customer base.
  7. Vanity URL – Every promotion, sweepstakes, contest or special event you create should have its own unique vanity URL. The advantages to setting up a specific URL are that your customers will find it easier to remember and you’ll find it easier to promote.
  8. Target niches – As your customer information database grows, take the time to create specific content, landing pages and promotions to suit those particular groups. If you’re selling motorcycle accessories, you should craft younger skewing content for motocross products and older targeted content for touring accessories.
  9. Fewer words, larger fonts – You can never go wrong with minimizing the amount of words and maximizing the size of the fonts used. Your customers will respond better to a large, bold, simple message than they will to a gray blob of six point type.
  10. Shun clutter – Your ad should be elegant, simple and straightforward. Don’t design your ad as if you were vying for online attention in 1997.
  11. Surround your ads – Purchasing ad space that is surrounded by editorial results in an ad that is more effective in increasing awareness and triggering purchase intent. Although leaderboards and skyscrapers tend to be larger and cost accordingly, the smaller rectangles and half banners may be a better choice.
  12. Provide guarantees – Your customers must understand that your offer is a no-risk one for them. An ad that presents a 100% money back guarantee for a full 90 days after the purchase is going to draw more traffic than one that doesn’t even mention any form of guarantee.
  13. Grammar & spellcheck – There are few aspects of an ad that will decimate your results more than typos, ignorant spelling mistakes or failures in grade school grammar. Don’t brush it off as the domain of the grammar police, ensure that your ad copy is impeccable.
  14. Translate professionally – The various online translation tools are no match for professional human translation services. If you’re offering your ad in different languages, invest in a pro translation.
  15. Test endlessly – If you need to be told that you need to commit to infinite testing you shouldn’t be an online marketer.

Now crank up the turbo, hit the nitrous oxide, and rocket towards that online ad goal!