If you have a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to know how to make your project page more appealing to a potential backer. We have compiled the top 4 tips on how to structure your crowdfunding project page to attract more backers.

1. Video
The video is the most important selling points for your crowdfunding project. It can definitely make you or brake you. Hire a professional video editor if needed to make the video look good. IT’S WORTH IT! Make sure the video highlights the main points of the project and why it’s important. The duration of the video should be around 2-3 minutes. Also, add some background music to match the mood of the project. Show your face in the video, smile, and be excited about your project. The backers will feel like they have a personal connection to you and are more likely to pledge. One of the worst things is having a great idea go unnoticed because the project video was poor.
2. Project Goal
Decide on how much money you will require to make your project a reality. Don’t go for too high that your project won’t get funded, and don’t go too little that it won’t be enough to make it a reality either. The amount should cover all the expenses and rewards of the project. This means that you should make a list for every possible expense that the project needs in order to make the product or service. This could include things such as: Raw materials, Services, Equipment, Shipping, Packaging, Crowdfunding fee, etc. 90% of the projects that hit 30% of their goal succeed and often exceed their original goal.
3. Rewards System
The rewards are crucial to a projects overall success. They should somehow be connected to the project/product/service/idea and should be of some sort of value to a potential backer that’s interested in your project. The most attractive reward price is in the $20-50 range ($50 is the sweet spot!). Most of the backers will be in this range so make sure the rewards thrill a potential backer.
4. Project Page
The whole project should be summarized in the title. Have the name of the project and the description as well. Do not make the title longer than 10 words. The description below the title “the blurb” should also be descriptive so a potential backer knows right away what the project is about. The main Image on the project page should be your main product or idea, it should be attractive and make a potential backer excited to click on it. Make it as professional as possible. If it’s a product, take quality pictures with a professional camera with good lighting. Have between 5-7 images in the description part of your project page. The content on the project page should be very simple and to the point. People don’t have time to read a long confusing description. Always have a table or detailed list of how the money will be used. Each expense should have a specific number! Backers won’t think your just taking their money.