Despite email marketing still being one of the most effective means of communication to a target audience – there’s still one issue: they need to read them. Regardless of what type of audience you have, you’re battling for their attention span. If you’re in retail, then your content is image heavy. If you’re detailing with a chunk of information, then you’re straddled with a lot of text that a reader has to get through. Both scenarios would benefit from video email campaigns. The former gets another layer of creative visual assets shared with their demographic, while the later gets to stream text heavy content into more engaging media files.

Full Product Reviews

Images are one thing, but most female shoppers have a hard time trusting the images, especially if it’s a textile. Having a video product review offers a more tangible way to experience the product – and it helps increase sales. Products that are felt and touched by the host offer a sort of tactile experience that “connects” the shopper with the product. This is why in home shopping networks, products are often touched and explored or played with rather than just on display. The former experience creates intimacy, trust and curiosity while the latter is remote and detached.

Video Testimonials

Send out video testimonials by encouraging “…one of your most loyal, happy customers to create a video testimonial to your business and send it out to all your recipients. If you can include more than one, go for it. If not, just showcase the best one to encourage others to be excited about your business or organization.” On that note, any kind of testimonial or exchange can be shared via video, include and particularly interviews.

Message from the CEO

Create a message from your CEO to your customers, which can be tactically used to push key messages that really need to be communicated, adopted and acted upon. Having your CEO – or key face of the company or organization – give a personal message also create a direct connection and offers access to top tier personnel without your busy executive needing to go out of their way or eat up valuable time with in person meetings.

Direct to a Landing Page

There are a multitude of ways that marketers can employ videos for email marketing purposes. In addition to triggering greater interest in the message that’s being delivered, it can also be used to direct readers to a specific landing page. Most landing pages require action, and it’s incredibly hard to encourage action without offering something in return or being crystal clear in your messaging.

Now that you know “why,” the next step is starting your first video email marketing campaign – and mastering it! If there’s one takeaway, it’s to remember that videos are a lot more difficult and time consuming to produce than traditional text-based content. Don’t overshoot – start with one a month or one every two weeks and get your footing before trying to take on doing more. The quality, pace and feel of your video will improve over time as with anything else.