2015 was a great year for the Heart of Business. We enjoyed each and everyone one of our guests and thank all of them for joining us on the podcast. It’s December and the time for year-end lists, so we wanted to highlight five of our favorite episodes from this year. Listen and enjoy!

There Is No Shot: ImmunoMatrix with Kasia Sawicka

It’s not everyday one gets a chance to talk to a person that can change the world in as big of a way as Kasia Sawicka. Through her findings, Kasia Sawicka has made a patch that can deliver medications through the skin at a greater rate than was previously thought possible and that will allow access to medication in third world countries and everywhere else across the globe.

Jennifer Bertrand: How to Be a Design Star

Jennifer Bertrand may hold the title of Design Star champion, but she joined us on the Heart of Business to teach everyone how to be one without the help of a reality TV show. Whether it’s decorating an office space to the look of your business cards or promotional materials, Jennifer Bertrand has you covered.

Nick Uhas: Beginnings, Big Brother and Beyond

In learning the life story of Nick Uhas, we were given a prime example of the importance of following the path presented to you as well as trailblazing your own. Nick Uhas learned to take advantage of opportunities and build upon his life’s experiences to gain the career he wanted.

We’re Gonna Need a Better Back: Katherine Krug

Katherine Krug has made a career of helping people help themselves. We invited her to the Heart of Business due to her incredibly successful KickStarter funded project. However, we quickly learned there was no buts with the Better Back … or anything else with Katherine Krug.

The Perks of Digital News with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur

In February, we had the honor of having Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks to the Heart of Business. As the host of the world’s largest online news show, Cenk Uygur was the perfect guest to talk digital, social media, personal branding, trust in the media and more.