You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can be a lot more places virtually with the use of web conferencing software that allows in-demand small business owners to connect with a variety of audiences quickly and with less cost than if they were to meet through traditional routes.

Web conferencing allows you to eliminate the need to meet in person whether that meeting was to take place in the same town or overseas. Either way, it’s another way for small business owners to save time and money and still get the job done.

Aside from real-time web conferencing, software that’s worth the investment should also allow for video/audio conferencing and web collaboration for shared files. The latter is a critical element that smart web conferencing software should include since it’s important to be able to instantly access discussed files without having to log into another program or online storage system.

Consider These Leading Web Conferencing Software Systems:

GoToMeeting – Probably one of the most recognizable and often-used web conferencing solutions, GoToMeeting allows customers a 30-day trial period, which small business owners should take advantage of. The software has several different options for users to choose from: traditional GoToMeeting allows for small group collaborations and instant online demos, whereas GoToWebinar allows for users to present to larger online groups, run Q & A polls and surveys. Some small business owners may even be attracted to GoToTraining, which allows you to conduct interactive training sessions plus post tests and materials online. Their rich diversity of services for just about any web conferencing need is likely what has led to GoToMeeting’s industry success.

Mikogo – Similar to GoToMeeting, Mikogo also allows for web conferencing for groups of 10 or fewer or webinars that reach hundreds. It’s the same software, but different settings allow Mikogo users to adjust it to suit their immediate needs. During the online conference, users are also able to take advantage of file sharing tools, whiteboards, instant message and access to desktop sharing. Mikogo also enables clients to record web seminars to be used as instruction videos or be offered to those registered attendees that were unable to attend the conference.

MegaMeeting – the MegaMeeting advantage is that they make choosing a package simple. The company offers three plans ranging from Webinar to Professional to Enterprise, depending on business needs. Those searching for webinar software should weigh all options since Webinar alone only caters to businesses looking to conduct online training, seminars or product demonstrations. Their professional package is better suited for traditional web conferencing needs where small business owners need to meet ‘face-to-face’ with clients, prospects, employees, colleagues and vendors. Small businesses looking for greater control should opt for Enterprise, which allows you to run your conference from your own server; this package is also great for small businesses focused on creating a branding element through web conferencing.

Adobe Connect – “Collaborate more effectively. Work more efficiently. Drive better results.” That’s what Adobe promises with their Adobe Connect 8 web conferencing solution. Like all other web conferencing software, Adobe Connect allows for web meetings spanning from screen sharing to collaboration. The software is also geared toward eLearning development services as well as webinars that include multimedia content. Adobe Connect boasts a simplified interface that creates a better user experience, allows for enhanced audio/video controls, manages attendees and intelligently optimizes screen use without affecting other users. The Adobe Connect advantage includes an offer for advanced chat features, note writing, Q & A, shared whiteboard use and passcode protected meeting rooms.

GlobalMeet – More budget-conscious small business owners can also visit GlobalMeet, which offers basic web conferencing functions for $39/month and includes a free trial. A great tool in testing out which web conferencing software is right for you is to take advantage of free webinars and see how their system works. This way, as an attendee, you’re in the ideal position by being an end user – the very position your own attendees will be in.