As you’re continuing your ongoing email marketing education, one of the best sources for gathering topline data is from heavy hitting Twitter accounts. Even just 10-15 minutes a day of browsing through top Twitter accounts can get you a brief overview of what you need to know about email campaigns. The tweets might even inspire you to strengthen your own email marketing game with new ideas, new ways of campaign and measuring success.

@deliverability, also a blog-based Twitter channel, tweets about “news, rumors and commentary from the email deliverability community.” Most of their content is composed by industry leaders, though they also make it a point to pull other great reads from around the web. What I love about their tweets: highly engaging and offer a depth of content from asking questions, sharing stats, videos and photos.

Blog-based @socialemail tweets on email marketing, automation, and optimizing conversion. You’ll see content from their own blog and a medley of content from around the web. What I love about their tweets: multiple daily tweets and all their tweets flow through a funnel that pushes conversion.

Under Direct Marketing Association, the Email Experience Council (@theeec) is another top twitter account that’s geared toward email marketing. They’re industry focused so most of their tweets are for businesses that are results driven versus DIYers that are focused on training and catching up with the email marketing curve. What I love about their tweets: regular tweets and great curators on other top industry resources.

@theeMailguide sees itself as the “ultimate resource” for email marketing that will “train email marketing NewBees to become Ninjas.” The Email Guide share articles on a variety of email marketing topics, including trends, conversion-focused copy, subject lines, analytics and best practices. What I love about their tweets: quotes and stats. The Email Guide is also really good about engaging their follows by replying to tweets and resharing purposeful content.

Of course, there’s @BenchmarkEmail, which focuses 100% on email and event marketing. If you’re in retail, non-profit and event management, this is a must go-to Twitter account.

An industry leader when it comes to all around marketing goodies, @MarketingSherpa offers businesses and consumer marketing professionals practical research and case studies on what’s working (and not working) in marketing today. What I love about their tweets: they mean business. You won’t find any fluff content here.

The next question is: how do you use all this data?

If you’re a one-man show, take the time to go through these accounts. Create your own Twitter lists and add these Twitter feeds to that list. Keep exploring. Look for other industry Twitter feeds that are able to get you the info you need. Over time, you’ll be able to craft a custom Twitter list that you can quickly access to get the info you’re looking for – and it’s much faster than a Google search. More immediately, you’ll start recognizing which Twitter feeds give you what you need. You might find that just one or two here get you what you need, which means you can have 15 minutes a day down to 5 minutes a day.

What determines your favorite list might also factor in which ones engage you the most, are willing to answer your questions, and so forth. In that sense, a Twitter feed isn’t just a static side. It’s a resource of individuals who are looking to engage, ponder, and further hone their professional curiosity and network.

Do you have a Twitter account you go to regularly for email marketing inspiration? Share them below!