Video killed the radio star…and most writers. Video has been leading digital content delivery ever since YouTube – and even as a professed wordsmith, I can’t deny how quickly a video can go viral versus its copywritten counterpart. While copy is still king from a content standpoint, video dominates resoundingly when it comes to all other areas. From entertainment to introductions, soundbites and more, video is a marketing must-have.

The drawback that comes with video has always been down to two things: production and time. With the software suite offered by Apple, production is something even your nine-year-old girl scout next door can knock out between selling Thin Mints.

Timing is the other issue. It would take a lot to produce even the standard 3 minutes of video. Even just 3 minutes of video easily means upwards of 10 minutes of footage followed by a fat trimming process, or 3 hours of production/editing time, and let’s not forget about the number of takes a shot could require it if involves people.

Microvideo blogging cuts all that out with snippets of video. The trend popped up in the blogosphere and is complemented by the general capsulated version of media made popular by Twitter, Pinterest, memes, microblogging itself, as well as by the steady stream of platforms that cater to nugget-size heaps of information mastered by

Too bad for 12Seconds, an innovative company that launched the idea of 12 second video clips in late 2008 but had to shut down in 2010 – just a year after it had optimized service. Unfortunately, the times hadn’t yet caught up with their innovative idea. Even launching the iPhone 12cast app (complete with bells and whistles) didn’t help, which pays tribute to the power of timing and the importance of riding the right wave at the right time.

Best Video Blogging Apps

Anything that’s popular these days tends to have an app that makes it not only easier to do but fun to do. Microvideo blogs can be punched out in no time now with easy to use apps that make the process painless. Check out these free apps…

  • Keek – [iOS and Android] Keek lets you shoot up to 36 seconds of video and instantly share them over the social web with posts to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. If it seems like 36 seconds is not a whole lot, then you’ve probably never tried making a video. Thirty seconds alone is about the length of an average commercial – and just enough time to get you visible, state a message and not worry about messing it up.
  • Tout– [iOS and Android] Get up to 15 seconds. While it’s less attractive than having the ability to shoot up to 36 seconds, Tout also gets you shares via email and text messages.
  • Klip – [iOS] Beating the competition, Klip lets you shoot up to a minute and post to Facebook, Twitter and send as an email or text message. It also lets you post to YouTube.
  • Viddy – [iOS] Letting you post only 15 seconds but to all the channels mentioned here, Viddy is best for the perfectionist poster who needs to be able to edit a 15 second video.

Micro Video Blogging Tips

  1. Get more out of your online presence with engaging video status updates versus just text alone. Videos let you share what people want more of: You. Make sure you harness their attention by turning yourself or anything you have to offer into a story. Stories get remembered; stories get shared.
  2. All microvideo blogging apps let users create their own accounts, essentially turning account holders into profiles and mini social platforms. Use this to your advantage by creating a profile that markets you and attracts more new users. There’s nothing more you really have to do here except let the app community evolve naturally to bring you new connections. Just make sure to stay engaged with users there too if needed.
  3. Know that microvideo blogging isn’t just a trend, it’s the way information is shifting. The more specific relevant information you can offer – in an easily delivered, easily consumed way – the more you ensure your business vitality.