The horror genre owns some real estate in the land of Halloween. However, it’s also about fun. Most of us remember dressing up in costumes we were tremendously excited about and dragging a sack full of candy (and our parents) around the neighborhood. If you can capture just a modicum of that fun in your Halloween email marketing campaigns, it will be a success. So, what can you do to achieve that?

Surprise Them With A Treat

Offer some mystery savings to your subscribers. I’ve seen several businesses in the past execute this strategy to success. You segment your list into three groups. Each receives a different promo code. When they go to checkout and enter the promo code, they discover the amount of savings. One group may get 10%, another 20% and the last 30%. That’s up to you. The fun is in the reveal.

Put A Costume On Your Email Template

We already talked about ways in which you can Halloween-ize your email marketing template. So, I’ll just touch on why it’s a fun treat for your subscribers. Seeing the same-looking email month after month will get boring. Spicing up your template once in a while for the holidays is a great way to keep things fresh.

Put A Costume On Your CEO

If it’s early enough in the month, you can offer a poll to your subscribers and let them vote on the costume your CEO will wear. Then you can post the winning option on your social media channels or in another email campaign. CEO is often viewed as a stuffy position. Sending out a photo of your CEO in a funny costume will go a long way towards humanizing the CEO and your brand.