Labor Day began as a day to celebrate, with parades and festivities, those in the trade and labor organizations. How, may I ask, did it come to signify the end of summer? What a negative connotation for something that began as positive. Sure, some see it as a last hurrah. It’s one more chance to wear flip-flops, to BBQ with family and friends, and to take it easy in anyway you choose.

I always saw it as the start of the school year. Not a positive thing for a youth that enjoyed his leisure time. It got even worse when I was in college. I began my college career with the first day of classes ON LABOR DAY. At least in high school we got the day off. Add to that a monsoon, and I did not begin college on a happy note.

I can appreciate Labor Day now that I’m all grown up (in the eyes of society, not my mind). I love talking about new email marketing features, but thank you long weekend! And thank you to those that this holiday is meant to celebrate. You make this world we live in go ’round.

Use Labor Day as an excuse to visit your subscribers’ inboxes. Tell them to honor those that labor, or thank them for their hard work. Enjoy your time off, and I hope you don’t have to go to any college classes.

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Labor Day Fun Facts (besides that my first ever college classes were on this day — yep…still bitter)

– Oregon, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey were the first states to declare Labor Day a state holiday.

– On June 28, 1894, the first Monday in September was declared Labor Day by President Grover Cleveland.

– Labor Day is also celebrated not only in the US, but also in Canada and other industrialized countries.

Sample subject lines:

You don’t have to labor at these prices!

Happy Labor Day from [your company]

Celebrate Labor Day with these deals

Honoring our laborers with these specials

Wishing you and yours a Happy Labor Day