What is the point of a blog? Is that a question you ask yourself each time you compose a blog post? Or has it gotten to the point where you have a quota to fill each day so you churn them out like a blogging machine, yet you don’t even remember what you wrote about?

If you answered that a blog is supposed to assist in SEO to increase traffic to your website, you are halfway there. The real reason and absolutely crucial to remember, is that the whole point of a company having blogs is so that they can engage with their customers.

What makes a top-notched and popular company stand out among the rest of their peers, is not just the higher number of customers, but also what they do that keeps people coming back to them. You can keep lowering the prices to beat your competitors, until a price war breaks out and it will ultimately reduce your profits and soon you will be fighting to survive. That’s why you need to engage with your audience, and show them through your words what you can offer them that no one else can! If your customers develop a loyalty to your company, that is what will keep it going strong.

All the more reason to ultilize Tumblr for your company. No need to reiterate how important content marketing is for your business, but it’s now time to refine your content and start posting things that people will actually enjoy reading!

When you look at what type of posts that companies put on Tumblr, they are not your average, run of the mill blogs about their cool latest products/features, or a comparison chart of what makes them better than their competitors (yet again).

What you see are engagement type posts where the customers can relate to it and it elicits emotions or fond memories for them. For example, let’s look at Disney Parks’ Tumblr page.

Here, Disney had invited photographers to come and document their day at the park. There wasn’t heavy studio equipment or fancy photo shoots, just spontaneous and candid shots. Viewers that come onto the site will feel as if they were experiencing the park again, hugging Mickey and friends and eating a fluffy cotton candy.

General Mills also has a great page that attracts their consumers with their fun cereal DIY projects. What mom wouldn’t love to spend a relaxed Saturday afternoon learning how to make the Eiffel Tower using Rice Krispies Treat, toothpicks, and some cardboard?

It’s time to think outside the box. We already know you have 10 pre-written blogs about the same topic stashed on your desktop and ready to post each day. If it is something that you are tired of reading yourself, then don’t you think your customers would be too?

With engaging, fun posts, your customers will always have a reason to come back!