It’s not enough to blog. You have to blog well. It’s a simple point that most businesses completely fail to realize as they’re feverishly trying to get out content. Getting out content for the sake of content doesn’t cut it. Aside from the fact that only a small percentage of people are interested in your business centric blog, you’ve got to consider that even that percentage has a rationally short attention span when it comes to hearing about your latest feat.

The mistake most businesses make is talking about themselves. The second mistake they make is talking about something boring that (a) has no wide public appeal, (b) doesn’t push the conversation, or (c) has been covered to death and offers no new perspective in your blog. If this sounds like your business blog, it’s time to consider switching your outlook. Instead of seeing your humble online platform as an extension of your business, view your business as an extension of your blog. Your priority should be: blog publication first, business second. Why, you ask?

Aside from the basic benefits ranging from lead generation, visibility, business development, industry leadership, to SEO, it’s known that “companies that post blog content at least 20 times per month attract over five times more website traffic…and generate four times more leads than companies that do not maintain blogs.” Additionally, if you treat your blog with the professionalism of a publication, you’re going to start getting the audience that comes with a respected publication. If however, you treat your blog like a soap box or cheap company announcement board, you’re going to draw in no one (or at least no one that matters).

So where do you get your star content from? The best strategy for great marketing content is to start with your own watering hole. You should already have a dedicated writer/editor, but you can always look to see who else has specific expertise. It’s also a good idea to get a mix of voices; get perspectives of both lowly interns as well as those of your CEOs. If you can’t do this yourself, like with anything else, hire someone who can. There are plenty or marketing agencies and writers who can implement a complete content strategy and produce top-notch custom content for your industry publication.

What to write on is a little bit trickier. There’s a great list that can serve as your editorial blueprint, and it includes options such as:

  • Turning frequently asked questions into posts.
  • Gaining access to any insider sources and tapping into contacts to offer exclusive insight.
  • Interviewing contacts; here approach them with a unique angle or do a cross-reference of several opinions on a leading topic.
  • Attending and reporting on major industry events.

As you’re on your way to blogging publishing success, just don’t fall in the “bloggery” pitfall that many publications are presently caught in. Bloggery or “blog snobbery” is “the business extension of academic snobbery…a kind of intellectual elitist snobbery that comes from a longtime study of other people’s ideas. Like academic snobbery, bloggery tends to breed a way of thinking that is long on criticism and short on original insight.” Even lesser blogs are guilty of this, will nearly all falling into the gap of pushing out thought as if it’s their own discovery and offering nothing new to the conversation. This does not make a winning publication folks.

A winning publications takes in the consensus and pushes the dialogue forward by coming up with crafty analyses, trend spotting, or even producing a new idea (easily done by deducing what’s already there and what can be done to improve it).