Today’s internet users are placidly accepting a general extinction of online customer service that would have had them frantically dialing the Better Business Bureau back in the Nineties. Personal attention is metamorphosing into a Do It Yourself pseudo-assistance on web forums mostly populated by other users with the same problem. With 7 billion people on the face of this planet and an inordinate number of them on the internet, it may seem that the era of one-on-one personal customer service disappeared with rotary dial phones and tailfins on cars. Bucking this trend and returning to “good ol’ fashioned” service marked by concern and empathy for your email marketing customer can pay dividends beyond imagining.

Your Customer is Not a Cash Cow Branded with a Credit Card Number

Just because the average internet user has become desensitized to ignominious treatment from many online megacorporations does not mean that they appreciate it. On the contrary, there is a prevailing attitude of victimization from the heavy-handed and stultifying policies of the web giants where the user feels that they are little more than a cash cow with a credit card number branded on their forehead. If you are able to treat every prospect as a treasured partner, supporter, and friend you will not only earn their undying trust and loyalty, but you’ll find that the best and most effective marketing for your company is being achieved by widespread advocate squads of your own customers!

You Need to Prove Your Customer Service Commitment Every Day

That’s why the undisputed number one best policy you can adopt as an email marketer is to provide your subscribers with the attention and consideration of an age long past. It’s not enough to just pay lip service to a policy that you care for your customer, you need to prove it every day and in every instance. There will be times when you will have to settle their concerns in an inequitable fashion, giving them the benefit of the doubt or even outright giving them something free. Chalk it up to a minor additional marketing expense, as the benefits will return to you many-fold.

Email Marketing, Like Football, is a Game Of Inches

When you are managing a subscriber list in the millions it may seem impossible to be able to provide satisfactory one-on-one service, but don’t let yourself be fooled by the numbers game. Only the tiniest fraction of a percentage of your customer base is going to be lodging concerns on any given day, so you don’t need to allocate a devastating amount of manpower. Email marketing, like football, is a game of inches. Thus every single customer who has their grievance addressed with personal courtesy and tact is going to become an evangelist of your brand to some degree. Some may just off-handedly mention to a friend that they were impressed with your grace, while others may go onto well-trafficked online forums and social networks to trumpet your greatness to the four winds. Either way you win.

Are You Treating Every Customer Like Family?

Any email marketing organization from the smallest kitchen table home business to the largest multinational conglomerate needs to stop dead in its tracks and carefully consider every aspect of its customer service policies. Are you treating your customer like a family member or a best friend? Are you doing everything in your power to ensure that they are content, satisfied, and even outright enthusiastic about your brand? If so, you’re on the way to a long term profitability that will survive the tests of time.