Imagine this scenario:

You are the owner of a clothing boutique located in the trendy West Village Meatpacking District in New York. Your store is draped in fancy gold curtains, lush periwinkle blue armchairs for socialite customers to sip sparkling water on, and a large crystal chandelier to add some pazazz. It basically has the best interior design on the block, and your store website is just as fashionable. In two weeks, your boutique will be having a buy one-get one half-off sale for all shoes in store and online.

So to spread the word, you log on to your trusty Benchmark Email account to create an email blast to all your customers about the upcoming sale. Then you press send and sit and wait.

Now, here is where most business owners run into a small problem. They think that just sending a simple email announcement is enough to bring loads to people into their store or website for their sale. Sure, people now know about it, but if you are going to be using email marketing, there are some important things you should include; one being the perfect landing page.

A landing page is what will make all the difference. One huge mistake business owners make is just including a link to their homepage in their email campaign. The thing is, people already know what your main homepage looks like. If they are receiving an email blast about a shoe sale, then why give them a link to a main page where they have to take an extra 30 seconds to navigate the site to find the shoe section. 30 seconds may not seem like a lot to you, but if an online customer can’t find what they are looking for instantly, they are going to click out and move on. High bounce rate, anyone?

For a special sale going on, you should have a completely separate landing page that is dedicated only to the sale. What this does is that the link you include in your email blast will be relevant and people will follow a straight and narrow path to the sale, and not stumbled upon a general path where they lose their focus.

A great marketing strategy used in promotional sales is having your current customers share their email amongst their family and friends to increase your own brand awareness. For example, for each person that a customer forwards the email to, they can get an additional 5% off the shoes. Once new customers sign up on the landing page form, it instantly increases traffic and generates leads for your site.

A second huge mistake is that some landing pages are literally just blank white pages with black text on it. You think that a landing page is some sort of simple text message that you send out and be done with. However, going back to the high bounce rates most companies experience, you really have to make it an easy and pleasant experience for the customers.

This includes giving them what they need to look at in a quick and efficient manner, and also providing a continuous visual pattern. Your store is the most trendiest one on block remember, and your main website reflects the same style (I hope!). So whatever landing page you create should have the same logo, color scheme, font, voice, etc.

How would you feel if you want from a website with soft gold and light blue tones to a stark black and white page in Comic Sans font. Cringe! Stay consistent!

For a quick and easy way to build a landing page for your site, use Unbounce’s software that contains easy to use features, and helps you build a whole new page in no time. You can customize your page with the easy drag and drop interface, add social media widgets, build a contact form, and basically other things that will show customers that this is the right page that they should be on.

With the new integration between Unbounce and Benchmark, your new subbies that came from your Unbounce-created landing page will instantly will added to a contact list on your Benchmark account for, you guessed it, even better email marketing efforts!