Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Martin Luther King, Jr. exemplified this quote. MLK represents one of the highlights of American history. One person, through nonviolent methods, managed to make significant change and forever altered racial equality in the United States. Anyone not satisfied with the status quo can look to Martin Luther King, Jr. and see how you can make a difference for the better.

This January 17, celebrate with your subscribers with a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day email template. This probably shouldn’t be one of those use-a-sale-to-exploit-the-holiday sort of email campaigns. No, stick with acknowledging the great accomplishments of one of the greatest Americans we’ve ever known. However, many (most) schools give Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off. Movie tickets, restaurants and other outings involving family togetherness may be a good place for a discount or promotion.