LinkedIn is on the rise. The platform is growing fast and boosting the company’s status in the social space with each new enhancement that comes along. LinkedIn continues to prove itself as a worthy marketing tool and although it offers a variety of useful features, the profile is easily the most valuable of them all. Here are some ways you can use the powerful LinkedIn profile to benefit your email campaigns:

Make Sure It’s Complete

The LinkedIn Profile has undergone a significant transformation in a very short amount of time. It has come a long way, and though some elements have been borrowed from other social networks, all the changes are for the better. The profile lets you share a detailed story of your professional history and in order for others to take notice and want to connect, you need to use it to its fullest potential. It is important to try to make use of all available fields. Not every profile area may apply to your business, but you want to complete it as much as possible. The more complete it is, the more it will stand out to visitors.

Share It with Your Readers

There is indeed a lot of power in the LinkedIn profile, but if you don’t do anything with it then it will do nothing but sit and gather internet dust. You need to create awareness for your presence on the network and it all starts with connecting others to it. This can be done simply by including your profile information in your email campaigns. You can form the connection with email signatures, social sharing buttons or simple links. Share your LinkedIn profile and you open the door for others to share your marketing content.

Add Value to It

While LinkedIn’s potential is there for all to see, several marketers are having a difficult time garnering success on the network. You would think it would be a bit easier due to its strong business focus, but this is not the case. However, the key to having success on LinkedIn is the same with just about any social network. You must add value to your profile and presence on the site. This means instead of trying to promote your blog posts, products and services all the time, you need to focus on making yourself a worthy connection. Get active on the network, contribute meaningful dialogue to discussions and be useful to others. Anything else and you’re likely to get ignored.

Facebook and Twitter are the talk of the social networking realm, but when it comes expanding your email campaigns, LinkedIn is as good a choice as either. The site is attracting new users at a rapid rate and as more traffic pours in, the more valuable it will become as a marketing tool.