Did you ever see Chipotle’s, Applebee’s or Eataly’s Facebook Fan Pages, that are so graphically stunning and un-Facebook-like, that they made you cry in your coffee since your restaurant has such a standard, boring snoozefest? Did you ever get a quote from a programmer adept in Facebook’s new iFrames Page Tabs and realize that to contract them to make your Facebook page look great would cost you more than a month’s meat order? Did you ever get so desperate about never obtaining a visually alluring and truly effective Facebook page that you jabbed your J.A. Henckels 260 mm Chef’s Knife 259 mm into the butcher block? Don’t despair! There is now a way for your restaurant to have a web page so wonderful that it looks like only Gordon Ramsay could have afforded it… With HyperArts new TabPress application. And best of all it’s fast, easy and completely free!

Getting your restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page TabPressed is utter simplicity itself. Just visit the HyperArts TabPress page and follow the instructions to add the TabPress functionality to your Facebook Fan Page. You will instantaneously be able to take advantage of all these key features:
Fangating to Create Different Content for Fans & Non-Fans
By using the TabPress editing screen you will be able to toggle between the content viewed by your Fans versus that seen by just anyone clicking onto your page. Fangating can also be obviated by simply pasting identical content into both coding boxes.

The End of Video & Flash Activation Image Requirements

Getting a video, animation or image to load onto a Facebook Fan Page from a hosting site such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa or Vimeo has been known to drive adults to tears. With TabPress just copy the embed code from the site, paste it into your coding box, and you’re done. The multimedia can even be set to autoplay!

Add Google Analytics without Jumping through Code Hoops

Anyone who has tried to add Google Analytics through Facebook’s pretzel-logic code handling knows that if the Evil Eye Curse really did exist Mark Zuckerberg would have spontaneously combusted by now. TabPress allows you to just add this necessary feature just as easily as if it were on a conventional website free from Facebook’s labyrinthine inscrutability.

No Horizontal Scrollbars! Hallelujah!

TabPress has incorporated the code that eliminates those disastrous horizontal scrollbars from appearing whenever your Facebook Fan Page is viewed on any screen smaller than the one center-hung in Cowboys Stadium. Just make sure that your content fits snugly within 520 horizontal pixels and kiss those horrific side to side sliders goodbye.

Now that Facebook is in the process of phasing out its extremely widespread Static FBML application, iFrames is soon going to be the only way to customize your Fan Page. The way TabPress works is by replicating a Static FBML custom tab by actually creating an iFrame page tab app to which you can readily add your own HTML, CSS and JavaScript including such Facebook taboos as <img/>, <script>, <style> and <embed> tags. You’ll be able to easily set up your Fan Page just as if it was a conventional HTML webpage and then dance a jig when you see it seamlessly and perfectly incorporated into the Facebook “code envelope.” If all of this has you totally confused, just go onto the TabPress site and you’ll see how easy it is.

Should your restaurant Facebook Fan Page exceed 25,000 Fans then TabPress will ask you to contribute a bit of change to their cause. Just contact them and you’ll find the folks there to be very helpful and reasonable. Then again, if you have over 25,000 Fans you’re probably booked solid into next year and you can certainly afford to pay a few bucks to get your Fan Page looking just as great as the best restaurants anywhere.

Now that you have TabPressed your restaurant site you can feel comfortable about including your Facebook Fan Page link in your email newsletters once again with pride.