Secular holidays like Earth Day and Human Rights Day may not hold enough weight to warrant time off from work but they are significant enough to get people’s attention. Many of these events are recognizable and therefore present prime opportunities for the savvy email marketer. Here is a simple game plan than will help you make the most of your secular email marketing campaigns:

Choose Your Holiday

If you see the potential in secular holidays, rest assured that there are more than enough to choose from. April Fool’s Day, Groundhog Day and New Year’s Day are familiar, but lesser known occasions such as Winter Solstice, International Surfing Day and New Beer’s Eve can be just as effective for the cause with the right strategy. There is certainly no shortage of options, but the most important thing here is being realistic about what you can handle. You could easily find yourself overwhelmed if you set out to tackle too many of these holidays, so choose wisely. Pick out the ones with the most potential and work on incorporating them into your marketing mix.

Incorporate Your Theme

A matching theme makes a perfect complement to any holiday email campaign. Those built around the secular versions can benefit just the same. Whether it’s Labor Day, Cultural Day or Geek Pride Day, a theme that captures the spirit of the occasion can go a long way in helping you seize the moment. Not only can this be done with imagery but also with well written copy that accommodates the holiday you’re working with. (Our Social Media Manager Andy Shore has a great resume of blogs showing you how to do just that with humor and maybe just a little irreverence.) With a little creativity you can easily incorporate a fitting theme that does its job of engaging your audience without conflicting with your brand identity or message.

Present Your Offer Wisely

Email marketers regularly go after holidays connected to big shopping seasons because consumers are usually spending. A well executed strategy can get people spending during secular seasons but whether or not your campaigns generate sales depends on your approach. Since these occasions generally are not viewed as a time for shopping, you have to work harder to convince them why they should be spending. Your offer must be timely, relevant and, most importantly, something people want. Secular holidays see more competition than you may think so you have to go above and beyond to make sure your offer stands out from the crowd.

It is very rare for employees to luck out and get the day off for a secular holiday. If you are out to get the most from your email marketing efforts you shouldn’t view these events as a time to rest either. While your business kicks back, the competition could be gaining a sizable edge. There are plenty of opportunities out there but it is up to you to identify them and take advantage.