Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Waiting until the last moment to buy a gift for your significant other is bound to land you in some hot water. Give your subscribers a heads up with a Benchmark Valentine’s Day email template. After all, keeping your subscribers out of the dog house has got to get you some bonus points. Doesn’t it?

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Thinking about Valentine’s Day preparedness reminded me of a Valentine’s Day date gone wrong that my roommate in college experienced. He had been seeing his date for about a month, and wasn’t sure what to do. Of course, he put it off until it was too late and was unable to get reservations anywhere. He decided he would cook, and enlisted my help. I suppose I should tell you at this point that this guy would make himself ketchup and mustard sandwiches (gross is right) when he was hungry. That was the extent of his cooking.

He told me that she liked chicken teriyaki and we decided to make that. I helped him with the preparation of the chicken and all the other side dishes. I thought we had done a great job. With everything in the oven, I excused myself to meet up with my date.

The next day I asked him how his date had gone. He laughed and didn’t want to tell me what had happened, so naturally, I assumed the worst. Apparently, she took one bite of the chicken and spit it out. Turns out, chicken teriyaki was not her favorite meal. It was his. He conned me into making his favorite meal for them, and she hated it! She insisted that they order a pizza, that’s how little she enjoys chicken teriyaki.

I suppose I don’t have to tell you that their relationship didn’t last much longer. The moral of the story here is, don’t think about yourself when it comes to a Valentine’s Day treat for your significant other. My roommate saw the opportunity for getting a home cooked meal that he wanted. He didn’t even think of what his date would want. Learn from his mistakes. You would be better off forgetting Valentine’s Day all together!

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