Valentine’s Day is a huge occasion throughout the world. It said to be one of the most gifted holidays next to Christmas and Mother’s Day. Many women would probably agree that it is like having a second birthday. Though largely viewed as the holiday for lovers, singles, kids and even businesses look forward to this day every year.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways email marketers can take advantage of this opportunity when designing their email templates.

Incorporate a Valentine’s Day Theme

Just like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to show your subscribers how much you appreciate their support. Incorporating the holiday theme into your email template is the perfect way to express that gratitude. You have a variety of options here as there are several pre-made HTML email templates that make it easy to incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day without having to create your design from scratch. When taking this route, understand that it is still important to have an optimal balance of complementing copy and graphical detail that enhances your message, instead of taking away from its value. Additionally, you want to make sure this balance is consistent with your landing page and website.

Offer Cost Savings

When it comes to leveraging Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity, your design is just one piece of the puzzle. The complementing elements you sprinkle into your template must do their job of getting the subscriber to take action once they open the message. The promise of cost savings could do the trick. These savings could be in the form of a Valentine’s Day sale, coupons or free shipping through February 14. Remember, a lot of consumers are still recovering from the big holiday shopping season and some may need to see real value before deciding to shop with you. Make the deal sweet enough, and your offering of cost savings just might convince them to pull out those wallets again.

Value Beyond Sales

Several email marketers see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to boost their sales numbers. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, shifting your focus beyond sales can be just as effective in the long run. There are plenty of ways to seize the moment outside of directly promoting a product or service. For instance, you could compose a top 10 gift list, highlight the best romantic restaurants for the locals on your list, or share some of the little known ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you can tie this valuable information into the items you’re selling, this technique could help make your email campaign a huge success.

Combined with an eye-catching design and a great message, email marketing can enable you to take full advantage of the opportunities Valentine’s Day has to offer. Whether it’s engaging a subscriber or bringing a smile to that special person in your life, it allows you to embody the feelings of joy associated with the occasion.