Ever wondered how great it would be to drop a video right into your emails? What if you could use video to show off a new product, display a heartfelt testimonial or run an educational piece on how best to use one of your goods?

Well, wonder no more. Now you can do it with Benchmark Email.

With our video email feature, all you need is to add the embed codes to a YouTube or Google video to your video gallery, drop the video it right into your email template, and send it out to all your opt-in recipients.

If the video is blocked by the recipient’s email service provider, don’t worry. They can click on it and we’ll open up a new window and send them to a mirror site where they can see it in full.

With Benchmark’s video email feature, you can:

  • Use any YouTube or Google video
  • Store videos in your gallery
  • Drop videos into your email layouts and HTML templates
  • Send email marketing campaigns featuring your videos

Our video email feature is not only included with every paid plan, but you can check it out during a no risk 30-day free trial. Sign up for a free trial – you don’t even need a credit card – and you can start Introduction Section using video in all your campaigns.