Constitucion Española, or Constitution Day, is celebrated in Spain every 6th of December. It honors the ratification of their constitution on 1978 after the death of dictator Francisco Franco. In essence, it celebrates the beginning of Spanish democracy. In Spain, it is seen as the beginning of the December holidays and generally merits a long weekend.

Besides a day off work, Constitution Day is celebrated in various ways. Each year in Madrid, a selection of high school students recites the constitution in the lower house of parliament. In addition, the parliamentary buildings are open to the public and a cocktail party is held inside on December 6th. The holiday is generally a relaxing day spent with family and friends.

If you have a client base in Spain, this is a great chance to visit your subscribers’ inboxes. We wrote a lot around the 4th of July about gaining patriotic bonus points for your company or brand. This is a similar opportunity, especially if you use location list segmentation for targeted email marketing.

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