When it comes to the landing pages of email marketing campaigns, it has been found that many of them have the same flaws; they are too cramped, they fail to attract visitors and some of them even confuse the viewer.

So before sending out your email take a look at some tips for your email landing page:

Test your email messages

Always test out your email messages before sending them out. Test your links and make sure they work properly. In order to do this you need to click on and open every link in your email and check that it opens to the right web page in the browser.

Provide clear Calls to Action

It is important that you provide your visitors with clear and detailed instructions regarding the steps they need to follow once they click on your links. There is nothing more frustrating that clicking on a link and not knowing what to do next.

Provide new interesting information

Using content from your websites in your email is alright. However you need to ensure that the links in your email take your visitors to pages that provide them with something new and interesting to read. If your visitors find that the page that opens repeats the same information they will lose interest and shut the page.

Don’t confuse your visitors

A web page that is created in a way that has nothing in common with the look and tone of your email will confuse your visitors. This can result in them losing interest and shutting the page.

Reinforce the call to action

The best way to reinforce the call to action that motivated the viewer to click on the link is to place that same offer on the landing page as well.

Place an opt-in request on the landing page

People make their way to your landing page through numerous routes. Place an opt-in request on your landing page in order to get the email address of first time visitors.

Avoid asking too many questions

Avoid placing forms with lots of questions on your landing page. Too many questions irritate viewers and cause them to lose interest.

If you have any more tips for your landing page do share them with us!