In the year of social media integration, there is one more thing that can benefit from cross promotion. Webinars are becoming more and more commonplace. They are a great way for businesses to connect with their client bases in a live, interactive format. Using email marketing to spread the word about upcoming webinars will help with turn out and can help you get feedback. Start with our Webinar template.

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What to promote:

Start with the basics. Tell them the name of the webinar, the date and the time it is being offered. It is also helpful to identify the time zone. Be sure to include a registration link. Don’t overdo it. Keep it to the who, what, where, when, why and how much. Also be sure to give registrants a heads up. This could be a week before, the day before or even the morning of the event.

Provide a bio of who will be presenting. Make sure they know why this is a can’t miss event. Enhance this by including testimonials of satisfied participants. These can be obtained for future events by sending a follow-up email asking for feedback on your current webinar. This will also give you useful information on how you can improve your presentations.

How to promote:

Benchmark Email makes it very easy to promote your webinars. Specific templates for webinars can be found in the Education category of the Templates page.

What are you waiting for? Start promoting your webinars today. Our template makes it easy to get the message of your live event to your clients’ inboxes. If you really want your promotion to fly, Tweet about it with our Twitter integration or use the share button to get it on Facebook.