Having a website isn’t enough. What matters is what kind of traction your site is getting.

Anyone familiar with this fundamental web principle is probably also familiar with Google Analytics, the holy grail of website analysis. But there are many more options that far exceed what just Google Analytics can do.

Site24x7 Offers a Full Range of Monitoring Services

Site24x7 – With a 15 day free trial and plans starting for as little as a buck, Site24x7 is definitely garnering interest among the dollar weary executive. The site’s key features include Website Monitoring, Reporting, Alert Notifications, Dashboards and SLA Management.

Website monitoring alone offers web monitoring for site availability, performance, applications, ports, pings, as well as webpage analysis. You can tailor reports for a general summary report, response time, logs, availability and downtime, outage, trends, root cause analysis, schedules and history. All reports can also be exported via email. This type of analysis lets you track your website and also keep an eye out for trends and changes relevant to your business.

As far as trends and changes go, all web-based businesses should be cashing in on alert opportunities, which tip you off in the event of any new developments in your field of interest. Site24x7 lets customers personalize how these are delivered. You can choose from your preferred template for alert reporting, have alerts sent via email, text messages, RSS or Twitter.

A huge factor in business is SLA (Service Level Agreement) and its subsequent management. With 24×7’s help, you can create SLAs for individual websites and generate reports that factor in composite, availability and response time. Businesses can also define objects and track compliance.

The service is seamless. With superb salient features such as multi-user management, multilingual support, a global web monitoring network and mobile browser support, there’s very little Site24X7 isn’t prepared to do.

If you’re looking to get a scoop on the competition, check out the following….

Other Great Site Monitoring Providers

SiteUpTime – Offering roughly the same services as 24X7, SiteUpTime’s plans range from free to five and ten dollars a month. Free gets you one monitor, 30 – 60 minute checks, uptime reports, public stat reports, a basic control panel and some alert limits. For five dollars more, you can up the monitors to 3 with 5 – 15 minute checks and multiple alert contacts.

But if you’re going to be serious about website monitoring, free just isn’t good enough and if you’re going to spend five, I recommend spending five more and going with the best offer they have. Ten dollars a month gets you six monitors (which you can use on either building up other businesses or trying to get a scoop on the competition), SMS (text message) alerts, custom port monitoring and a public status page along with several other key features.

I would also definitely take a minute to check out SiteUpTime’s competitive analysis page where they offer a better breakdown of their different services.

There’s also Pingdom, a website monitoring service that specializes in letting you know when your site is down for any reason. They offer uptime reports, alert options, response time reports, multiple check locations and error analysis.

For the businesses looking for varied in-depth reporting, I recommend giving Dotcom-Monitor a look. They offer three tiers of monitoring, from Server View, User View and Load View. And if you absolutely must have a free service, then check out Montastic…but remember that free is only a good idea if you’re testing the waters. If you’re serious about your business, you have to invest in the tools that can help you do your best.

The added benefit to any of these sites is that the leading competitor, Google Analytics, can be tricky for a lot of folks to implement. Having an alternative that gets them what they need, which they can manage themselves, is an attractive option that’s starting to get seriously noticed in marketing circles.