Linsanity has swept the nation. At latest report, Jeremy Lin has gotten so popular that Kim Kardashian has reportedly asked her publicist to set up a date with the New York Knicks point guard sensation. I haven’t been able to turn on SportsCenter or sports talk radio in the last week without hearing more discussion over Jeremy Lin. The world can’t get enough. Doubters will say that the hype is because he is Asian or went to Harvard. I’m a believer, because my fantasy basketball has greatly benefited from my timely waiver wire pickup. Regardless of what you think of Jeremy Lin, there are lessons to be learned from his story.

Jeremy Lin didn’t get the offers from the major basketball programs coming out of high school. Despite going to Palo Alto High School, he was not recruited by Stanford. Instead he attended another university, known more for high education than basketball. After a productive college career, Lin went undrafted. He was cut by the Mavs, then found a spot on Golden State where he struggled to crack their lineup. He was cut by them, and then the Rockets too. He was almost cut by the Knicks as well, just before his big breakout game and subsequent insertion into the starting lineup. Now he appears to be unstoppable and people can’t get enough of Linsanity.

Getting a start in any business, in any industry, isn’t easy. You may not fit the mold, or have the typical pedigree. People are going to doubt you. It’s important to work hard, constantly improve and do everything in your power to prove the doubters wrong. You might not succeed at your first, second or third attempts. But it’s important not to quit. Learn from your failures and come back better and stronger each time. Improve between opportunities.

All it took for Jeremy Lin was one lucky break. Baron Davis suffered a set back in his recovery and the New York Knicks were headed towards another middling season. He had done everything in his power to be prepared for that moment and hasn’t let up. Find inspiration in the story of Jeremy Lin and you too may find yourself the apple of the eye of some celebrity star captivating audiences you never thought possible.