Quickly moving on from Part 1, an in-depth coverage of how you can adapt both your personal and business Facebook, we’ll delve right into Twitter and Blogging. Twitter is just as important as Facebook when it comes to drawing in new people to your brand. Where Facebook is better about cultivating relationships you have, Twitter excels in attracting more followers.

Tweeting Tips:

  • Frequency. You should be Tweeting daily, at least. Make use of any phone apps you have that easily set up Twitter and tweet on the go. Hootsuite is a great choice.
  • Sync Facebook with Twitter. If you’re looking to automatically post your Twitter updates straight to Facebook, the Twitter application is your best bet (see: https://apps.facebook.com/twitter). It’s easy use as well: just install the application and then click to allow Twitter to update your Facebook status. Do this only if you’re not going to use a tool like Hootsuite – otherwise it’s redundant.
  • Keywords. Use Hashtags to draw attention to keywords. Keywords will have a hashtag (#) in front of them (#luxurydesign) for example. Keywords should have any spaces or dashes. If there’s room left for characters, including related hash tagged keywords at the end of your post.

    Example: “Loving fall trend for #houndstooth #wallpaper in bright fuschia. What do you think? #InteriorDesign #ElleDecor

  • Reach out. Make direct contact by sending a private message to all new followers. Twitter sends you an email every time you get a new follower. Once a week or once a month, take the time to thank them and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Brand Your Page. Always try and customizer your Twitter and Facebook page. Customization can be done for under $300 by reputable designers), and gives you page a fresh, modern, and synchronized look. The background should reflect your website theme. At the very least, have a picture of yourself or one of your designs as the background image, rather than Twitter’s default backgrounds. Also, opt for having your default image be you rather than your logo. People respond better to faces, especially on Twitter.

Blogging Tips:

Blogging (when paired with social media) is the most effective way of sourcing a fan base and driving new/repeat business. Follow these tips to ensure your blogging campaign is the best it can possibly be. Here’s what you should be paying extra close attention to:

  • Competitor Analysis. Get an idea of what your top five competitors are up to. You should have two categories here. The first is companies within your own level or demographics. You might not be the cream of the crop yet so find out what other second tier companies (especially around you) are doing. The second is to find out what the cream of the crop is up to; this helps you set the bar high.
  • Content. You should always be talking about what you’re up to, past and newly completed projects, ideas, and other ways to engage your audience. Take any chance to toot your own horn, albeit it modestly.
  • Visuals. All content should be accompanied by photos, especially high quality glossy ones. This is true for any blog, but more so for visual/aesthetic industries.
  • Social Media and Newsletters. Every single blog post should be plugged across social media and included in your monthly newsletter.
  • Organize Your Posts. It’s better to blog consistently once a month than to blog sporadically 3 times a month. They say ‘Content is King’, and following that I say ‘Consistency is Queen’. You have to have some sort of blogging schedule. I find the best way is to create a rough editorial calendar every month. Simply jot down what topics you’re going to be writing about each week and then plug that in your calendar. This way the posts are broken down into achievable tasks.
  • Timing. Timing is everything. You should be posting blog content up and feeding it on social media sites at the most opportune times. Monday through Wednesdays, during the lunch hour, are the best times. Never ever publish anything on a Friday or on a holiday; it’ll have been a waste of your time since it’ll only get a marginal amount of traction.