I can’t speak for everyone out there, but my inbox was noticeably empty today. Aside from the daily emails that arrived as normal, only an email or two from friends trickled in throughout the day. Simply put, there was no good way for an email campaign to be sent today. On the day after President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed, it feels a little weird to go back to business as usual.

One approach would be sending a regular campaign as scheduled. There really isn’t anything majorly offensive about this and I’m sure very few subscribers would have any complaints. For me, it seems weird to not acknowledge it at all. My Twitter feed is still abuzz with the latest news, so it’s still fresh on my mind. Finding a great online deal is not. Even if it didn’t offend me, I may wind up ignoring an email campaign today.

The other approach would be saying something about it. The first issue is coming off as capitalizing on something like this. That would be such a major turnoff and PR disaster for a company. Any sales and promotions must be avoided. There are a wide variety of reactions to this news. Despite large crowds at Ground Zero and outside the White House, a celebratory email may also not be well received. This event could trigger more terrorist attacks and it certainly did not end the War on Terror. Without getting too political, you can see how issues would arise.

If you feel very strongly that you would like to say something about it to your customers, stay away from your own reaction. The best approach here would be to let those affected by 9/11 know that your thoughts and prayers are still with them, even almost 10 years later.