How many of us have received an email from an online casino, or some grand tale of how a certain individual made millions and millions of dollars by following an unorthodox formula; or how you can lose twenty pounds without exercise or changing your diet (a tapeworm doesn’t count, folks); or if you take this pill you’ll become the ultimate bedroom casanova; or you can have an actual Louis Vuitton purse at a fraction of the cost? I can go on and on…

This week we are going take a look at some high risk industries that are the instigators of most of the world’s spam. Now, most industries that engage in email marketing best practices are not high risk, but there are a few that, even while using best practices, cannot lower their risk. It’s the nature of the beast. So, without further adieu, here’s the list:

  • Gambling (online casinos, sports book)
  • Stocks and Investment advisories
  • Sub-Prime Mortgages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Media or services of an adult nature
  • Celebrity
  • Get-Rich Quick Schemes
  • Luxury Designer Goods (non-authorized, usually counterfeit)
  • Diet Methods

We have all seen an email from one or perhaps even all of these industries. How these emails are being sent is interesting to say the least – and you may be an unknowing accomplice…but we will investigate that next week.

This week, try to keep track of how many of these spammers show up in your inbox (but steer clear of clicking on any of them). Remember what tipped you off when you chuck them into your trash. Chances are there are little hairs on the back of your neck that rise, instinctively, when you see their subject lines wriggle across your screen. Where do they come from? And how are they finding you? We’ll cover that and more in next week’s installment. Stay tuned.