It’s no secret that creating great content is a must. Content is the present and future of your marketing strategy. Whether you are developing a website, building your social media presence, optimizing your website or blog for SEO, creating a content marketing strategy, or refining your inbound marketing, there is one common denominator that MUST be the focal point – content!

Slapping together SEO articles and blogs posts won’t do it anymore. To truly make an impact and compete in the crowded and competitive marketing landscape online, you need content that has depth, is focused, engaging, informative, and insightful. You need to develop content that your users want, and content they are searching for online. Diversity is Key

Repeatedly writing about the same topics, in the same format, and posting it on the same day every week will bore your readers. This is why you need to take new approaches to how you present content. One of the most effective ways to create engaging content is through storytelling.
People Love Stories – So Write Stories!

Everyone loves a good story, and our lives are filled with them. The stories that play out in movies, the stories we tell to our friends, the stories we have lived, the stories we see on the news, and the stories that are written by others in books, magazines, and increasingly online by bloggers.

There is a reason why stories have been told since the beginning of time – they are entertaining and engaging – and when used effectively, can be a very successful marketing tool for your brand.
Why Include Stories in Your Marketing Strategy

  • Stories create personal connections: How many times have you read a story and thought to yourself, “I have been there before.” When this happens, you are creating a personal connection with users – something that will help them better identify with your brand.
  • Great stories are engaging: Stories are engaging. When you can engage readers, there is a great chance they will come back to your website, giving you the opportunity to further develop your relationship with them.
  • Stories reach people on an emotional level: Connecting with your customer on an emotional level is powerful. It builds trust, proves your brand’s worth and leads to interaction on a deeper level.
  • Stories provide insight: Every great story has a lesson. This insight can help readers solve a problem or look at a situation in a new light, making stories entertaining and informative content.
  • Stories are perfectly designed as sharable content: Stories go viral – and every brand wants their content to go viral.
  • Stories can be told on many platforms: Stories can be told in many ways using many different types of media. From your blog, video, podcast, and more, telling stories using multiple platforms can help you expand and broaden your online exposure.

    Try something new the next time you sit down to write a blog post or article. Take your blog post idea and turn it into a story. While it may seem like an old school approach, you may just open up your brand to an entirely new audience. Happy storytelling!