We all know that email marketing is one of the best vehicles you can use to drive a business. What more of us are discovering is that this vehicle has even more horsepower when integrated with other methods and channels.

Benchmark’s email marketing services provide a convenient way to take your cross-channel promotion to the next level with the introduction of WordPress and Facebook plugins. Read on to find out how these free tools can help super-charge your business.

Your Blog and Email Marketing Efforts Combined

While social networking is all the rage these days, blogging is still an integral part of online marketing for many businesses. With the WordPress plugin, you can connect your Benchmark Email and WordPress account. Integrating platforms has never been easier as the plugin lets you grow your blog subscriptions through a custom signup box, manage them in your Benchmark Email account and even send blog posts to your email subscribers from a centralized interface.

The WordPress plugin is integration at its best, allowing businesses to manage email lists from their blog’s administrative panel and edit blog posts from their Benchmark Email account through simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Social Email Marketing Made Easy

Boasting more than 600 million users, Facebook is arguably the most important social network on the planet. The platform seemingly becomes more powerful by the day and continues to prove what a great companion it can be to a marketing strategy. These are among the top reasons we here at Benchmark Email felt compelled to launch our very own Facebook plugin, a lightweight application that connects our clients’ email and newsletter campaigns to the world’s number one social networking site in seamless fashion.

The true beauty of bringing email and social media under one roof is extended reach. When unifying these channels, you have the ability to grow your number of subscribers and simultaneously increase your social following. Benchmark Email has long provided a way to add a social element to your campaigns through social sharing buttons and icons, but just recently introduced a way to leverage Facebook to grow your email list.

Thanks to the Facebook app, you can now easily build your list by placing a custom signup form on your profile or fan page. Once customers, prospects or visitors subscribe, they are instantly added to your opt-in list, which can then be managed from your Benchmark Email account. It is just another convenient way to bridge the union of two of the most powerful channels we have at our disposal today.

Take Advantage Now!

The WordPress and Facebook plugins are available to both paid customers and free-trial users. Even better is the fact that they are both free and incredibly easy to use. With absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, we suggest that you hope onboard and get started today. The sooner you take advantage, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of integrated marketing.