We have already learned from the last WordPress plugin article that WordPress is the reigning king of content publishing services when it comes to email marketing. Tumblr and Blogger are great and all, but they are kind of seen as the less-dimensional sidekicks to the head of the posse.

What I mean by that is that Tumblr is mostly suitable for the visual-oriented businesses that can best showcased their products through images or videos. Blogger is best described as a simple version of WordPress; less options to customize or combine different accounts. Now, of course both of them are great and are beneficial to however businesses want to utilize them, but if you want the grand daddy with every customizable feature, endless choices of templates, integration and extension options, then WordPress is the way to go.

Did you know that WordPress is not just for creating and publishing content, but it can also be used to build an actual website? Well, if WordPress offers all these amazing features that allow you to build one, then why not?? Here are some examples of businesses that build their company site off of WordPress:

  • Ebay
  • Yahoo
  • Wall Street Journal
  • People Magazine
  • Sony
  • CNN
  • Flickr
  • New York Times

If you take a look at these websites, they are no ordinary blog site with published blog that you keep scrolling down to read. There are actual traditional websites where visitors can come learn more about what your business has to offer, just by simply using the add on page features. For example, a restaurant can use WordPress and add on pages such as “Menu,” “Reservations,” or “Contact.” A clothing retailer can add a site where customers can virtually try on the different clothes on models to see if they would want to purchase them. The possibilities are endless.

Alas, since the focus of this whole series is integrations and plugins, I have mention the WordPress and Benchmark plugin and how much it can do wonders for your business!

You can spend weeks or even months strategically building your WordPress page from the ground up into a beautifully dynamic and informative website, but how will your customers visit it and keep coming back to visit if you don’t engage your to do so?

There are no extra outside steps to do so. Use our new plugin Benchmark Email Lite to send off email friendly blogs straight to customer’s inboxes, create customizable signup forms, track down analytics, and more!